Coffee, Doughnuts And Chronic Kidney Disease Patients Conducting Dialysis



A Chronic Kidney Disease patient asked, "I have been on Dialysis now for three years. Once in a while, I have a craving for a nice crispy doughnut and a warm cup of coffee. Can Dialysis patients have doughnuts and coffee or should we avoid them at all costs?"

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This is not an unusual question, especially since it is not uncommon to have patients offer doughnuts and coffee as a gesture at their local Dialysis Clinic. Still, it is complicated. Some suggest that coffee and/or doughnuts are bad for Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients while others choose to indulge. However, the answer is in the middle - in moderation Dialysis patients may be able to enjoy both doughnuts and coffee. Try talking to your Dietitian about the specific following amounts.

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 If you are on Dialysis then you should restrict your intake of coffee to 4 oz. in order to remain within your fluid restriction. Dr. Shamik Shah (Nephrologist) suggests, "As a general rule, I advise my patients to limit their intake of caffeine. Caffeine may increase your blood pressure. Also, it may act as a bladder irritant and as a diuretic. Yet, drinking a couple of cups of coffee should not be problematic." If you are not on a fluid restriction (like many patients conducting Peritoneal Dialysis), a whole cup of coffee is acceptable (115 mg potassium, 8 mg phosphorus) but if you drink lots of coffee then your potassium could add up and create other heart-related issues.

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A Harvard Medical School study revealed that coffee has health benefits that may actually be good for the general population and many of the findings can be attributed to the Chronic Kidney Disease Community as well. In moderate amounts, coffee contains nutrients that may actually offer some Cardiovascular (heart related) protection, and research is showing that it reduces the likelihood of developing or worsening Diabetes. The drink may also have anti-cancer properties as coffee drinkers are fifty percent (50%) less likely to get liver cancer than non-drinkers.

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Although it is true that a cup of coffee can temporarily kick up your blood pressure, results from long-term studies suggest that coffee may not increase the risk of high blood pressure over time as previously thought. Instead, people have shown to develop a "tolerance" to coffee's hypertensive effects. 

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While doughnuts offer no significant nutritional value and overconsumption will likely cause weight gain and negative health outcomes, it is a comfort food and can help patients feel less restricted in their diets and lifestyles. This can assist in lowering the feeling a depression and demoralization among patients.  As a rule of thumb, according to Nephrology Physicians LLC., the typical medium doughnut contains approximately 15 grams of carbohydrate, 150 - 200 mg per serving Potassium, 110-160 mg per serving Phosphorus, and 100 - 300 mg per serving Sodium. Work with your Dietitian to safely adjust your Renal Diet if you care to incorporate a periodic doughnut and cup of coffee into your dietary plan.

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