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Selfless donation from Living Kidney Donors is on the rise and Selena's Kidney Donor, Francia Raisa  - a celebrity in her own right - is now discussing her experience with donation. Learn more.


"I am concerned about the new Tax Plan. It seems like it is cutting a lot of areas. Could it impact the development of the implantable kidney device?" Learn more.


Ten-years ago, the FDA-cleared the Redsense alarm to avoid the life-threatening complication of blood loss during Dialysis Treatments. Learn more.


Whether it is Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas or New Year’s Day, the holidays come with festivities and traditions that revolve around tempting foods. Learn more.


A KidneyBuzz.com Viewer sent an email to KidneyBuzz.com asking, "Should I be optimistic about these breakthroughs - especially the Artificial Implantable Kidney? I love to hear about them, but can they really help me during my lifetime?" Learn more.


For most Chronic Kidney Disease patients conducting Dialysis, their goal as it relates to treatment is to attend Dialysis, receive their necessary treatments, and go home. Learn more.


It is unfortunate to have to report an apparent increase in violence directed to Chronic Kidney Disease patients conducting Dialysis - especially during early morning shifts. We have previously shared cases of patients encountering threats, robberies, attempted thefts, controversial exchanges, and even murders. Learn more.


A respected Nephrologist, Dr. Bruce Greenfield, has long had a reputation of going above and beyond for his patients and the Chronic Kidney Disease Community. Learn more.


KdineyBuzz.com has been working overtime to help as many patients as possible join the list for Artificial Implantable Kidney Human Trials consideration. Learn more.


Let's be honest - it is very difficult to get any rest at all at a Dialysis Center. Learn more.


Today, there are more than three-million disabled parking placards in use in California alone. Learn more.


Selena Gomez announced that after suffering from Lupus she discreetly had a Kidney Transplant - generously donated by her best friend, actress Francia Raisa. Learn more.


A large majority of Chronic Kidney Disease patients who conduct Dialysis receive Social Security Disability Benefits. Learn more.


5,600 Americans in Puerto Rico who depend on Dialysis are facing a life-threatening situation in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. Learn more.


Many patients are sitting on the edge of their seats as they prepare for the upcoming launch of the Artificial Implantable Kidney Human Trials. Learn more.


The spice, Turmeric, appears to be offering a new hope for Dialysis patients who experience intense itching (uremic pruritus). Uremic Pruritus affects many Dialysis patients especially those on Hemodialysis. Learn more.


Most Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients have experienced Uremic Pruritus, even if they have never heard the name. Commonly referred to as Chronic Itching, upwards of 50% of all Dialysis patients are known to experience this unbearable, seemingly un-scratchable, itching sensation. It is literally, "That itch which Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients cannot scratch" and often causes long-term pain and suffering. Learn more.


There are well over 100,000 patients on the Kidney Transplant waiting list with nearly 5,000 patients dying before ever receiving a call. While the Transplant Centers work diligently, the surge of demand for kidney transplants, decreased availability of deceased (dead) donors, and rule changes are making the wait-time for a kidney on the list almost unbearable. Learn more.


With the cancellation of a vote in the Senate on the Graham-Cassidy proposal, we at KidneyBuzz.com want to first and foremost thank you for your hard work. Learn more.


A Chronic Kidney Disease patient conducting Dialysis emailed KidneyBuzz.com, "I am being prescribed these powerful painkillers for my pain. They work, but with all the talk in the news lately about addiction, I am worried." Learn more.


Ahead of the upcoming Artificial Implantable  Kidney Human Trials Researchers and Developers are already seeking feedback from Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients. Learn more.


How do you protect yourself against contracting the Flu and Pneumonia? Learn more.


Great news for Selena Gomez that she was able to receive a Kidney Transplant with what appears to be a very short wait and never having to begin Dialysis. Learn more.


Kristoffer Scola sent the following video with the message, "Check out this unbelievable story! If it didn't happen to me I would have never believed it. Learn more.


It is easy to imagine the broken bones and nasty skin infections that come from wading through deep flood waters. Learn more.


Kidney Rejuvenation is expected to be available within the next ten years, according to researchers at Harvard University. A study released jointly by Researchers at Tel Aviv (Sheba Medical Center) and Stanford University shows, for the first time, how the kidney can rejuvenate itself. Learn more.


A Chronic Kidney Disease patient conducting Dialysis said, "We had a death on Saturday. I am a patient and witnessed it. I am still trying to cope. I get anxiety at Dialysis really bad now." Learn more.


Many healthy individuals are hesitant to pursue the prospect of being a living kidney donor because they are fearful of the process. Learn more.


KidneyBuzz.com continues to be bombarded with questions about the Artificial Implantable Kidney. Please keep them coming (contact@kidneybuzz.com)! Learn more.


A Chronic Kidney Disease patient conducting Hemodialysis treatments asked, "Are walnuts good for kidney patients? My wife was telling me about all these great benefits they have for brain and heart health." Learn more.


"Since beginning Dialysis, I have lost much of my sense of smell. Things do not smell the same as they used to and it is causing foods not to taste the same. Is this common? What can I do about it?" Learn more.


As most patients know Nephrology is a specialty of medicine and pediatrics that concerns itself with the kidneys. Learn more.


Angela Taggart, of Rahway, N.J., has been on dialysis since she was 19. She was diagnosed with a kidney infection and since then has spent three and half hours a day, three times a week, sitting in a chair getting dialysis. Learn more.


KidneyBuzz.com has received countless calls, emails, text messages, and Facebook posts asking the same basic question, "How old is too old to donate a kidney?" Learn more.


The top 5 ranked Kidney Transplant centers are: (1) University of California San Francisco Medical Center, (2) Methodist Specialty & Transplant Hospital, (3) University California Los Angeles (UCLA) Medical Center, (4) Jackson Memorial Hospital, (5) University of California Davis Medical Center. Learn more.


A KidneyBuzz.com viewer wrote, "Are Kidney Repair and Rejuvenation more than just buzzwords for Chronic Kidney Disease patients? What’s the status? I do not want to wait forever on this." Learn more.


"I heard about this Legislative Bill, H.R.2644 - Chronic Kidney Disease Improvement in Research and Treatment Act. Is this a good or bad bill for the Chronic Kidney Disease Community? I want to write my Congressman." Learn more.


As most Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients know, California has passed a Legislative Bill designed to improve Dialysis Patients' care during treatments. Learn more.


With your support - together we raised our collective voices in the Chronic Kidney Disease Community to tell our Congressmen and Congresswomen that the repeal proposal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) would hurt hundreds-of-thousands of Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients. Learn more.


"I am a Dialysis patient and suffer from really bad breath at times. Is there anything that I can do about it?" Learn more.


"I know that Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients are generally supposed to steer clear of nuts due to high potassium. However, are there any nuts that are safe for Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients to enjoy?" Learn more.


During the summer months many Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients may notice that they are experiencing more frequent edema (swelling) than usual. Learn more.


"I am constantly suffering from insomnia. However, especially during the summer months, I am unable to get any rest. I am regularly tired and have no energy. Is there anything that I can do?" Learn more.


Hypothyroidism- a condition in which the thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormone- is common in Hemodialysis patients, and for a long time, it was assumed that those conducting Dialysis must, in many cases, just bear the side effects. Learn more.