Coffee Or Tea - Which Is Better For Dialysis And Kidney Transplant Patients With CKD?




A viewer wrote, "I have to have caffeine in the morning. I have always had coffee, but I switched to tea because it seemed healthier. Now when I drink tea my heart rate is elevated and I feel warm. Should I go back to coffee? Is it better?"

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Most Chronic Kidney Disease, Dialysis and Kidney Transplant patients need a "pick-me-up" to start their mornings. Coffee and tea (hot or cold) are two common drinks both in western countries and eastern countries that offer patients a daily dose of energy boosting caffeine. However, is this the best for those with Chronic Kidney Disease?

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In most cases, the caffeine found in both coffee and tea provides those with Chronic Kidney Disease, Dialysis, Diabetes and a Kidney Transplant with the energy they need to comfortably begin their day. While both drinks are considered "Low Potassium" options for Dialysis patients who often must limit potassium intake, "Consuming more than 1 portion can make a lower potassium option such as coffee and tea into a higher potassium drink," according to the National Kidney Foundation.

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Hence, Chronic Kidney Disease patients should consider limiting coffee intake to eight (8) ounces and tea to just sixteen (16) fluid ounces. Aside from the daily intake recommendations, there is not much of a difference between the two commonly consumed drinks.

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Patients should know that over-consumption of tea or coffee may lead to heartbeat irregularity, tremors, sleep issues, confusion, swelling, dizziness, High Blood Pressure, poor Blood Sugar Management, and even Heart Health complications. These drinks can also actually make those with Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis thirstier, causing them to over-drink and risk fluid overload ( too much fluid in the blood).

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For Kidney Transplant patients, studies have found that the consumption of both black and green teas may improve several markers of a healthy Kidney Transplant, "including Creatinine Levels, Blood Urea Nitrogen, Uric Acid and Excretion of Glucose," suggested The 40 year old organization, Nephrology Physicians LLC., noted that Coffee and tea were also low in fat/cholesterol, phosphorus and sodium.  

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Still, by drinking less caffeinated drinks such as tea and coffee as well as limiting sugar filled juices and sodas, and drinking more water while abiding by any applicable fluid restrictions - patients may further boost their health outcomes.

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