About Us

The United Network (America) Inc. developed and runs a World Wide Website called KidneyBuzz.com which seeks to teach those suffering from Chronic Kidney Disease, Dialysis Kidney Transplant, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure how to better manage and improve their lives.

KidneyBuzz.com aims to empower its viewership which is primarily members of the Chronic Kidney Disease/Dialysis Community by offering accurate and up-to-date information free of charge through its Dialy Meal, Daily Article, and Daily Inspirational Quote. It is also in the business of providing tailored products and services to the Chronic Kidney Disease/Dialysis Community, such as; the very popular No BP/No Stick Fistula Protector Wristband and its innovative Find A Kidney Donor Social Media Campaign. KidneyBuzz.com has also received the prestigious Amazon.com Editor's Choice Award for its Life Management Guide, "Fight Kidney Disease & Diabetes." 

In order to remain a world renowned and leading Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis resource, KidneyBuzz.com will continue to keep its online information accurate, relevant, and engaging as well as strategize about new business development tailored to the Chronic Kidney Disease/Dialysis Community to retain its viewers; and effectively promote KidneyBuzz.com to grow its online traffic.

Finally, if the above strategy can be successfully implemented, KidneyBuzz.com will explore the selling and renewing of Chronic Kidney Disease/Dialysis specific advertising.