KidneyCoach: Purpose

Take care of your body. It is the only place you have to live.
— John Rohnert

The purpose of KidneyCoach is to disseminate knowledge including best practices techniques to increase survival rates and the quality of life by preventing the advancement of kidney disease at whatever stage it is identified.

The Connection Between Kidney Disease and Type II Diabetes and High Blood Pressure 

It is particularly noteworthy that 40% of the Kidney Community suffers from type II diabetes, and combined with high blood pressure accounts for nearly 70%.

The Preventative Approach 

Studies show that 2/3 of kidney failures are caused by high blood pressure and type II diabetes not being treated properly at the early stages.  That is why Kidney Coach emphasizes "prevention" which means that if you have high blood pressure or diabetes, you are encouraged to take proactive steps to avoid the encroachment of Kidney Disease.  In fact, preventative actions can and should be taken at every stage to fight the advancement of Kidney Disease.

Glossary of Commonly Used Terms: Features definitions of terms found in the treatment of Kidney Disease. 

The 5 Stages Of Kidney Disease: Kidney Disease is described as having five stages (Stage 1 to Stage 5) based on the percentage of kidney function remaining. Determine your stage and how to prevent further progression.

Success Tips: These tips will reduce the risks of  hospitalization and will generally improve your overall quality of life by addressing head on those issues that may worry you,  mistakes that are  commonly made, and misconceptions frequently held.

End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Treatment Alternatives: Over 275,000 Americans rely on dialysis to live,  and nearly twice that number receive therapy for ESRD. Find out what treatment plan works best for your lifestyle. 

Monitoring Lab Results: Blood tests are taken routinely on a monthly basis, and though they may vary slightly from one lab to another, note the standard ranges for key tests. Identify strategies to manage test results and maintain a higher level of energy and health.

 Kidney Community Resources: These organizations service the Kidney Community.