A Surprising Pick-Me-Up Which Is Better Than Coffee For Chronic Kidney Disease and Diabetic Patients

If you have Chronic Kidney Disease or Diabetes you likely have felt low on energy at some point in time due to your Dialysis Treatments, Low Blood Sugar, Low Blood Pressure, or perhaps you are just having a hectic day. What do you do? Most patients head home and put on a cup of coffee to brew, or stop at a local café and order a Java in an attempt to regain their energy to complete their obligations for the day. Yet while coffee is better than most energy drinks, it may not be the best choice for Chronic Kidney Disease and Diabetics. Surprisingly, water may be a safer, more helpful alternative solution for Chronic Kidney Disease and Diabetic patients to improve their energy levels. 

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While every individual with Chronic Kidney Disease and/or Diabetes has a different tolerance for coffee and more specifically caffeine, the Washington Times reported that experts agree that ingesting excessive amounts of caffeine daily "can result in anxiety, irritability, headaches, diarrhea and other health problems.” What's more, drinking coffee late in the day can negatively impact a Chronic Kidney Disease or Diabetics sleep cycle and cause sleeplessness: An issue with which many patients already struggle.

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Though most Chronic Kidney Disease patients on Dialysis must abide by a 2 liter fluid intake restriction between In-Center Hemodialysis Treatments, by substituting coffee for water they may avoid many undesirable side effects of caffeine consumption. Plain water may not sound like a thrilling drink, but Lauren Schmitt (Registered Dietitian) noted that rehydrating with water throughout the day "will take you a long way" in improving Chronic Kidney Disease and Diabetic patients' concentrate as well as energy levels. 

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Let's be clear, for most patients consuming a 4 ounce hot cup of coffee in moderation can provide a temporary energy boost and even lift Chronic Kidney Disease and Diabetics' spirits. Still, if they drink much more it can cause serious health problems. Hence, if you are concerned about going over your fluid restrictions as an alternative, Schmitt also recommends certain snacks to keep you fueled including fruits and vegetables such as "Carrots, celery, apples and cucumbers."

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