Three (3) Tips For Chronic Kidney Disease And Dialysis Patients To Limit Stress And Anxiety




A regular viewer said, "Everything seems to be hitting me all at once. With Dialysis and everything else on my plate, I am becoming extremely anxious and feel as though I may suffer an anxiety attack. What can I do?"

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Chronic Kidney Disease is a life-changing event that can create an overwhelming amount of stress and anxiety - especially for Dialysis patients. Facing End-Stage Renal Disease is scary enough, but many patients may also cope with financial and insurance issues, juggling Dialysis schedules and other important commitments, unsupportive family members, managing physical pain from Dialysis and fear of death. These burdens only worsen during festive holidays, tax season, and major life changes. Left untreated, feelings of anxiety can quickly lead to depression, demoralization, loss of appetite, and cause physical side effects. These following simple relaxation techniques will not get rid of all the stress in life, but they can help most patients limit their stress, frustration, and anxiety: 

1.) Deep Breathing: Something so simple can also be very powerful for Chronic Kidney Disease patients during periods of anxiety. Focusing awareness on breathing is an excellent way to settle the mind and relax. Breathing often mirrors your emotions, and changing your breathing can shift attention and mood.
2.) Guided Imagery: Your brain often can’t distinguish whether you’re imagining something or you’re actually experiencing it. That’s why a Chronic Kidney Disease patient's imagination can be a very powerful resource in relieving stress and pain. You can do this while sitting in your Dialysis chair. Picture yourself in a place that you find warmth and joy. It will not cause you to forget that you are on Dialysis, but it may make the time go by just a bit faster. You can also, unwind with guided imagery podcasts or CDs.
3.) Mindfulness Meditation: Children breathe from their bellies. Their bellies rise as they breathe in and fall when they breathe out. Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients breathe shallowly and rapidly from their chests, especially when they’re stressed. When you’re mindful and keep your focus on your breathing, you can help yourself relax. Just 5 minutes can help improve your mood!

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