Largest Dialysis Organization In United States Is Turning Its Sights To CKD Regenerative Medicine




A regular viewer emailed the Team ( and asked, "Has there been any progress on the regenerative kidney? I am on Dialysis, and I just do not know where to turn. I am grateful to be alive, but the sooner I can get off of Dialysis, the better."

Great news for the Chronic Kidney Disease Community, especially for the over 600,000 patients who are currently conducting Dialysis: The Largest Dialysis Organization in the United States, Fresenius Medical Care, has established a subsidiary (a company controlled by a holding company) focusing on regenerative medicine. This comes after many articles reported on research published by institutions such as Stanford University, Tel Aviv University, and Harvard University which explored the great potential of regenerative medicine (Regenerated Kidney, Bioengineered Dialysis Access, Kidney Rejuvenation, etc.) for Chronic Kidney Disease patients to lead a full life, independent of Dialysis. Hence, Fresenius Medical Care's entrance into this field of research may underscore a very exciting trend which could provide Chronic Kidney Disease patients a higher quality of life.   

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In collaboration with the University of Turin, the goal of the Large Dialysis Organization is to improve the lives of Chronic Kidney Disease patients. Fresenius Medical Care's, Unicyte, was founded in 2015 to focus on stem cell research which is fueling a highly effective pipeline of approaches with profound impact on Chronic Kidney Disease patients’ lives "in order to deliver life-changing regenerative medicines," suggested the company's website.

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To be more specific, the two key characteristics of stem cells are self-renewal (the ability to continuously divide to generate exact copies of themselves) and differentiation (the ability to change into specialized cells). said, "Stem cells will eventually revolutionize organ transplants." What is becoming increasingly clear is that stem cells  have rapidly emerged as a revolutionary new choice for tissue repair as well as kidney regeneration and may, in fact, offer a very bright future for the Chronic Kidney Disease Community. 

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As it relates to stem cell research in general and regenerative medicine in particular - the more support, funding and resources provided, the merrier. Most would agree that this is very good news. It is certainly going to be exciting to see how this Fresenius Medical Care subsidiary, Unicyte, will impact the lives of Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients and what life-changing options they may offer. 

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