How To Answer The Most Important Question That Potential Living Kidney Donors Ask



There are over 600,000 patients on Dialysis according to the Cleveland Clinic and over 100,000 patients are awaiting a kidney transplant. According to the National Kidney Foundation, the list is growing in size and astoundingly, over 3,000 new patients are added to the Kidney Transplant Waiting List every month. As a result, the wait times are nationally 5 to 7 years on average and climbing. Hence, a growing number of patients are turning to altruistic (selfless) Living Kidney Donors for help. While many eligible donors may consider the idea, they often have one major hesitation that frequently deters them: The often unanswered question, "Can I live with one kidney?” 

This concern is among the most common questions Dr. Leslie Spry (Medical director, Dialysis Center of Lincoln, Nebraska) has to answer on his blog. The answer is, "Yes, absolutely!" In general, it is very rare for most people with a single healthy kidney to have problems.  Science has proven that Living Kidney Donation is safe and it has been done thousands of times before with positive immediate and long-term results for the donor and recipient. The National Kidney Foundation bluntly stated, "In other words, one healthy kidney can work as well as two."

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A Living Kidney Donor's life is not impacted due to their generous act. In fact, donors often express how their lives are enhanced by taking action to save the lives of others in need of a transplant. 

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Donors are able to conduct regular exercise which is considered healthy and good for them. While some doctors think it is best to avoid contact sports like football, boxing, hockey, soccer, martial arts, or wrestling, the National Kidney Foundation noted that wearing protective gear such as padded vests under clothing can help protect the kidney from injury during sports. 

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What's more, a donor's diet is largely unchanged since most with one healthy kidney do not need to follow a special diet. However, for Chronic Kidney Disease, and especially Dialysis patients, who receive a kidney transplant, they may still have some dietary restrictions. Yet, they too are likely to have much fewer restrictions than with alternative options. 

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Although Kidney Donors should regularly check their kidney function with a simple urine or blood test, and be watchful of their blood pressure, they should know that a single kidney can increase in size and function, and work just as well as two kidneys. Help raise awareness by sharing this article on your Facebook Page, email account, and printing to pass to a friend. Addressing this common question may encourage kind-hearted individuals to step forward and donate to another in need. This will greatly improve the recipient's quality of life, but also help to shorten the waiting list for other Chronic Kidney Disease patients in need of a Kidney Transplant. Every share helps!

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Also, be sure to share your story far and wide. If you would like help, then sign up for the Find A Kidney Donor Campaign (click here). Complete the below form for more updates on how you may improve your chances of connecting with an altruistic Living Kidney Donor.

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