Disinfection Wipes At Dialysis & Hospitals Found To Harm CKD Patients Through Bacteria Infections

Most Dialysis patients have seen their Patient Care Technicians wiping down Dialysis Chairs between treatments. It is likely a familiar sight since many patients have seen nurses in hospitals use similar wipes to clean various surfaces in a Doctor's office after conducting a simple routine procedure. Perhaps several patients use Wet Detergent or Disinfectant Wipes in their homes to clean germs from kitchen counters or bathroom tops. Whatever the case, research published   in the American Journal of Infection Control, found that Wet Detergent or Disinfectant Wipes were inconsistent and, "In 'every instance' the wipes actually spread common and potentially deadly infections from one surface to another," Researchers said according to Telegraph News.

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These findings are dangerous for all populations of patients, but especially alarming for those on Dialysis. For instance, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention list "hospital Disinfectant, and Wipes/Cloths" as "Necessary supplies" in their Dialysis Station Routine Disinfection Checklist which is expected to be used uniformly in all Dialysis Centers across the country. 

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The Checklist details, "Apply disinfectant to all surfaces in  the Dialysis station using a wiping motion," and "Ensure surfaces are visibly wet with disinfectant." Well, Researchers at Cardiff University have found that the tissues are actually contributing to the spread of "deadly superbugs."

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In more detail, Lead Researcher Professor Jean-Yves Maillard disclosed that the Detergent/Disinfectant Wipes initially succeeded in their goal of removing superbugs. When used on multiple surfaces, however, the Detergent Cloth then transferred "significant amounts of bacteria" between surfaces. Hence Friends, Disinfection Cloths should not be discarded entirely from Dialysis Clinics, Hospitals or Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients' homes, instead users (both staff and patients) should be trained to apply the wipes safely.

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No single Disinfectant Wipe should be used on more than one surface. This is critically important information for those Chronic Kidney Disease patients who conduct Dialysis since they can easily pick up infections from their chair, blood pressure cuff, remote control, and other non-disposable instruments around them during Dialysis Treatments. Therefore, print this article from KidneyBuzz.com and share it with your Dialysis Patient Care Technicians and Nurses so that they may act appropriately. If you still have concerns about the safety of your Dialysis chair, then consider bringing in your own wipes and quickly using them to wipe down as much of your Dialysis area as possible.

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