Dialysis Center Closures Concerning For Patient Care



Some Dialysis Centers across the country are closing at an alarming rate. While many Dialysis patients are still able to receive treatment, it can be cumbersome and a long distance to travel. Recent mergers are concerning for many patients who conduct Dialysis.

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A key concern about passing a Proposition 8 in California - which was considered in other states - to limit Dialysis Company Profits was closing of Dialysis Centers. The proposition did not pass in California and was not added to ballots of any other state, but still patients in the Chronic Kidney Disease Community are seeing startling Dialysis Clinic closures.

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When Roger Walker finished a day of treatment at DaVita's Red Wing (a city in Goodhue County, Minnesota) location in early June, he was handed a letter. It stated the Red Wing location would close on Nov. 29, citing financial constraints as the reason. Mr. Walker is in a similar position as many other Dialysis patients in Tyler, Texas; Brooklyn, New York; Augusta, Georgia, and many other centers across the country. Patients are stuck asking: Where will he go to get his lifesaving treatments?

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While all major Dialysis Companies including DaVita, Fresenius, the Veterans Association and more have closed facilities to patients, DaVita mentioned that they were "unprofitable to a degree that can't be corrected." While, this news comes after a record year of profit for DaVita and other Dialysis Companies, it is even more of a concern since its Dialysis Units were sold to UnitedHealth in late June and they may begin cutting less profitable centers to further boost profits.

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Mr. Wlaker said, "It's just terrible that they want to leave this Red Wing" treatment center, Walker said. "No reason that they should." Being handed the letter on June 11, Walker described the feeling as being hit on the head with a sledgehammer, according to Minnesota News. Walker and his wife have contacted Red Wing Mayor, Sean Dowse, and have written letters to President Donald Trump, U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar and Gov. Tim Walz.

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As for DaVita, Courtney Culpepper (Communications manager for DaVita) confirmed via email that the Red Wing location will close on Nov. 29 because "the center is financially unsustainable." How will company finances affect other DaVita locations? Culpepper said she "wouldn't have any information to share on that, but we're working to place patients with neighboring dialysis centers including DaVita's Hastings center and nearby locations owned by other providers."

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