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The First Ever Treatment Program to help Chronic Kidney Disease patients limit kidney decline and avoid having to begin dialysis. Perfect for the patient trying to help avoid dialysis or even a vet that is attempting to get the most out of their function.

Join CONNECT and you will get:

The 12-month program includes (updated 1/12/19):

- A professional Treatment Program Guide to help avoid Dialysis.

- Six Day Menu Meal Plans Tailored For Avoid Dialysis.

- Real Life Deferment Strategies that helped highlighted patients avoid dialysis for 2 to 7 years or longer.

- Best patient-to-patient practices to help maintain function and attempt to avoid additional loss

- Insights on strategies that have helped some patients maintain incline bounces in function

- Updated Breakthrough Insights

- Regular updates on the progress of important breakthroughs

- Detailed Foods listing phosphorus, potassium, sodium amounts and other very useful charts.

- And more...

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