Better Emergency Plans Needed For CKD Patients On Dialysis: According To Hurricane Sandy Finding

As most Chronic Kidney Disease patients who conduct Dialysis are all too aware, delaying or missing Dialysis Treatments can have terribly detrimental effects on patients' health outcomes. However, it may still be shocking to many to learn that the 2012, "Hurricane Sandy raised death rates among Dialysis patients in New York and New Jersey," according to Medpage Today.

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Typically, individuals can understand an increase in emergency room visits and even hospitalizations during an emergency situation, especially among Dialysis patients due to Dialysis Facility disruptions. However, what can a Chronic Kidney Disease patient do when they arrive at  a hospital which is not prepared to provide them with their necessary Dialysis Treatments?

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Well, the American Journal of Kidney Diseases, reported that new findings from its Hurricane Sandy Response study highlights the fact that "work still needs to be completed to prepare hospitals for patient emergency in such circumstances." More specifically, mortality (death) rates rose to 1.83% during the Hurricane as compared to 1.47%  among those living in states not affected by Hurricane Sandy.

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 To provide further perspective, according to the End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Network 2 there are 28,000 people in New York alone (not including New Jersey) who receive treatment for ESRD. Hence, approximately 512 Dialysis patients died 30-Days after the Mega Storm. I am sure you would agree that these new findings are a cause of concern. Yet, Dialysis patients should not be alarmed. The American Journal of Kidney Diseases suggested that in cases where a Large Storm or Hurricane is anticipated, that Chronic Kidney Disease patients work with their Facilities and conduct early Dialysis if it is offered by their clinics. 

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Also, Chronic Kidney Disease patients should request information from their Dialysis Facilities on how to access care at alternative treatment locations as well as have backup options of transportation to and from their Treatment Centers in case of emergency. Dialysis patients' Social Workers may be able to help. Moreover, those who conduct Dialysis should be sure to have a recent copy of their current treatment plan handy including Hepatitis status and a list of medications. 

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