Dialysis Center Ratings: How Are The Dialysis Centers Near You Performing For Their CKD Patients?

Whether Chronic Kidney Disease patients conduct Hemodialysis, Peritoneal Dialysis, Home Dialysis, or Nocturnal (Nighttime) Dialysis patients desire safe quality care that helps sustain their lives as well as improves their health outcomes. While in many cases patients are very satisfied with the treatment and care which they receive, others find it more difficult. For example a viewer wrote, "Every time I gotta go for Dialysis it feels like they are putting a gun to my head. I hate going and my nurses never listens to me." 

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Most would agree that a tool which ranks Dialysis Clinics based upon quality of care at individual facilities in a patient's local area would be extremely useful for the Chronic Kidney Disease community. Do you agree? Well, you should know that these "Dialysis Facility Trackers" are currently available and allow Chronic Kidney Disease patients to compare various Dialysis Clinics in a specified distance from their homes. 

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Patients will find these Dialysis Facility Trackers useful in determining the following critical areas of a Dialysis Clinic's effectiveness and success including:

  • Survival - Death rates for patients overall and for patients in their first year of dialysis.
  • Hospitalization - Highlights patients' hospital admissions, amount of days admitted and emergency department visits.
  • Infection - Clinics’ rates of hospitalizations for septicemia (serious, life-threatening infection that worsens very quickly) and infections related to vascular access.
  • Clinical Benchmarks - How well clinics do at managing patients’ anemia and removing waste from their blood.
  • Transplants - Rates of Kidney Transplants and patients waitlisted.
  • Vascular Access - The proportion of patients using Catheters and AV Fistulas to receive their Dialysis treatments.
  • Clinic Conditions - How clinics did in their most recent inspections.

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You may have noticed that these Dialysis Facility Trackers do not capture the intangibles associated with clinics such as how comfortable your are at any given Dialysis Facility or how friendly and welcoming the Dialysis Patient Care Technicians and staff may be. However, the Dialysis Facility Trackers' points of interest do offer key indicators of how well a facility is managed and real-time Dialysis patient health outcomes. To see full Dialysis Center rankings for Clinics across the United States fill out the below form to access the most effective Dialysis Facility Trackers available online.

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