Top Ranked Kidney Transplant Centers Which May Improve A Chronic Kidney Disease Patient's Chances

According to the National Kidney Center there are, "244 Kidney Transplant Centers in the United States," and there are over 100,000 Chronic Kidney Disease patients listed collectively at these centers. The National Kidney Center further noted that patients are, "free to select a Transplant Center on your own,  with the help of your Nephrologist,  or choose a center from your insurance company’s list of preferred providers." 

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While some patients list at multiple centers to improve their chances of getting a Kidney Transplant, there are a number of factors which contribute to Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients choosing the right center for them such as travel time, one-year transplant patient survival rate, and estimated waiting list time for each Kidney Transplant Center. Still, in many cases what is most important for those with Chronic Kidney Disease who desire a Kidney Transplant is their likelihood of getting a Kidney Transplant as quickly as possible. 

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Hence, a key aspect patients should look for when evaluating their Kidney Transplant Centers should be the Kidney Transplant Center's Activity. For instance, how many people within a given year were able to receive a Kidney Transplant? Often, what Chronic Kidney Disease patients will notice is that in many cases the more Active a Kidney Transplant Center is, the more innovative, prestigious, accredited, and successful the Center.

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Hence, when the Organ  Procurement and Transplant Network (OPTN) released a list of the 50 Most Active Kidney Transplant Centers which was later published on, thought it would be critically important to share. While these Kidney Transplant Center Rankings are based upon 2012 data which is the most recent compiled information available, it still serves as a barometer to assist patients in improving their chances of connecting with a more active clinic. The following list represents the top 15 most Active Kidney Transplant Centers (for the remainder of the list  complete the below information):

  1. University of California San Francisco Medical Center (366 Transplants)
  2. University of Maryland Medical System (310 Transplants)
  3. Jackson Memorial Hospital (295 Transplants)
  4. University California Los Angeles Medical Center (292 Transplants)
  5. University of California Davis Medical Center (277 Transplants)
  6. Northwestern Memorial Hospital (277 Transplants)
  7. University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics (266 Transplants)
  8. Emory University Hospital (247 Transplants)
  9. New York-Presbyterian/Columbia (245 Transplants)
  10. Methodist Specialty & Transplant Hospital (242 Transplants)
  11. Indiana University Health (239 Transplants)
  12. University of Michigan Medical Center (236 Transplants)
  13. St. Barnabas Medical Center (224 Transplants)       
  14. California Pacific Medical Center (222 Transplants)
  15. Barnes-Jewish Hospital (222 Transplants)

Also, Chronic Kidney Disease patients may further consider additional aspects of a Kidney Transplant Center beyond how Active it is such as: The experience of the Transplant Team and support personnel, insurance coverage, the quality and availability of pre- and post-transplant services, a commitment to keeping up with technological advances, multicultural sensitivity, and availability of friends and family for assistance.

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