Stevie Wonder, Famous Singer, Expected To Recieve Kidney Transplant After Short-Term Dialysis



Stevie Wonder will be putting his tour on hold as he is set to undergo surgery for a Kidney Transplant. Rumors arose that the hitmaker was on Dialysis for a brief time. Thankfully he can now continue his life and tour with a new Kidney Transplant.

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Set for September, the legendary singer broke the news that he has already found a donor, and assured the crowd ... "I'm all good, I'm all good, I'm all good." See video below:

Patients who heard the news had mixed responses:

Chris Patterson: "I bet he didn’t see that coming. Sorry I couldn’t resist. Good luck Stevie!"

Patti Rygh: "Funny he gets a kidney right away my husband waited 10.5 years. I guess my husband is not famous."

Colleen C. Murray: "We have no idea how long he waited or who stepped up..."

Rick Ferris Patti Rygh: "he has a donor. If you have a donor there is no wait."

Rae Montes Perez: "I think until you actually go through the process, you couldn’t understand. Famous people don’t get better treatment for money. They still have to go through all the same tests and procedures for safety. He probably was blessed enough to have a living match. I know this because I did. My mother never got hers, but I was so lucky that my husband was matched and transplant complete within ten months. A lot of misperceptions are a result of not understanding how it works."

Suzy Clauson Mulvaney: "Im guessing famous people have a better chance statistically...they simply know more people and therefore have a bigger pool of donors willing to donate..."

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