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They argue that, "The majority of organ donation coverage on this program depicts doctors as vultures, eager to transplant organs from their patients." Learn more.

The Food And Drug Administration has announced it will be making significant mandatory changes to the current nutritional labels placed on foods. Learn more.

Daily Impact Meal: Smoked Tuna Spread Canapes

Impact Meal

Impact Meal

A delicious recipe Diabetic and CKD patient friendly ingredient substitutes. Let us know what you think! Learn more.

To correct this complication, those on Dialysis may choose to discuss with their Healthcare Team Dialisying with a High Glucose Bath such as D10. Learn more.

Hospice is simply meant to focus on the quality of your life during your final days instead of prolonging your life. Learn more.

Most people know that Diabetic patients in general must monitor their Blood Sugar to avoid accidents, injuries, coma, and even death. Learn More.

Kidney Disease

Kidney Disease

On Saturday, July 15th, 2014 an ABC News channel affiliate station (San Antonio KSAT) reported "'Cash for Kidneys' idea controversial but gaining support." Learn more.

"Right now I am walking a few times a week, but I would like to do more, such as push-ups and weight lifting. How much weight can I safely lift with my AV Fistula arm? I'm very curious." Learn more.

People who have Chronic Kidney Disease and/or Diabetes know that the diseases can unfortunately harm their eyes, nerves, heart and other important systems in the body. Learn more.

Researchers from Sydney and Harvard universities have announced that they have successfully 3D Bio-Printed Capillaries. Learn more.

"Hi my father is a Diabetes patient currently on Dialysis," a KidneyBuzz.com viewer wrote. Learn more.

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