Daily Kidney News

Just days ago the California-based biotech firm Organovo announced that it was set to begin selling 3-D-printed liver tissue by the end of 2014 which in the next few years, "could also be used in patient treatment to replace small parts of organs or encourage cell regeneration." Learn more.

The numbers are familiar, but they are still no less staggering. According to the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network there are currently 123,989 people on their list in need of a "life saving donor." Learn more.

Daily Impact Meal: Low Phosphorus Fudge

A delicious Diabetic and CKD recipe with patient friendly ingredient substitutes. Let us know what you think! Learn more.

A Chronic Kidney Disease patient announced, "Friends please consider a Renal Specialized Pharmacy if one is available to you." Learn more.

Alright let's be honest, Halloween is just around the corner (or recently passed depending on when you are reading this article), and temptation is lurking everywhere, right? Learn more.

Within the Chronic Kidney Disease and Diabetes communities, there is no shortage of health advice, as you know. Learn more.

As you well know, individuals with Chronic Kidney Disease and/or Diabetes should maintain specific Renal or Diabetic diets. Learn more.

"What should I do before going to see my dentist? I have to have 4 teeth removed, but I am concerned about bleeding-out afterword because I am taking Heparin." Learn more.

You may be surprised to learn that the current form of Peritoneal Dialysis "can be considered a Wearable Dialysis Therapy," according to a University College London study. Learn more.