Wow! First Ever Off The Shelf Fistula Being Implanted In Chronic Kidney Disease Patients On Dialysis


Incredible news for Chronic Kidney Disease patients! For the first time ever Hemodialysis patients, who represent over 95% of all patients on Dialysis, will not have to deal with the severe stress that comes with an Arteriovenous (AV) Fistula or Fistula Graft by using a new Biologically Engineered, Off the shelf vein. 

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Often, after receiving their Fistula, Dialysis patients worry about whether or not it will become active, infected, and a number of other complications. Even after a Fistula is active and in use, patients have to visit the hospital to correct issues such as clotting or injury. Have you found yourself in that position? Dr. Jeffrey Lawson said, “I tell many of my patients they can expect to have a procedure related to Dialysis at least once a year." 

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Should your present Fistula fail (whether AV or Graft), what do you do now? Another painful surgery only to revisit your many fears of complication and injury. Well, this newly Bioengineered blood vessel which uses donated human cells could change this cycle significantly forever.

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Grown in a bioreactor the vein is assimilated and once formed, it is cleansed of the donor cells, leaving a collagen structure that your body readily accepts as its own. Isn't that incredible!? "It then becomes YOUR blood vessel as your body grows into it, which is very, very exciting," said Dr. Lawson.

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Since the bioengineered blood vessel is produced with no living cells, it can easily be placed on the shelf at hospitals and readily available as soon as a patient needs it. This groundbreaking technology has already been used in Dialysis patients with great success, "I ain't have no trouble and it's doing good,” said one patient. The off the shelf vein is expected to be used throughout the United States within the year.

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