Wow! 34 CKD Patients Received Kidneys In Donor Chain: Hoping To Cut Wait From 5 Years To 6 Months

What was once considered a rare procedure is rapidly growing in popularity and application. ABC News recently reported that the Longest Multi-Hospital Donor Chain took place in the United States. They reported that as a direct result of the Donor Chain, "34 kidneys have been swapped between 26 different hospitals over the course of three months. Because everything went to plan, each recipient was given a new lease on life." What exciting news for those over 100,000 Chronic Kidney Disease patients awaiting a Kidney Transplant. 

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Chronic Kidney Disease patients may ask, "How does a Donor Chain work?" Well simply put, a Donor Chain creates opportunities for endless donor-recipient pairings. Starting with an altruistic donor (someone who wants to donate a kidney out of the goodness of his or her heart), their kidney is transplanted into an approved recipient who already had a willing Kidney Donor that did not match. Thus, to keep the chain going, the incompatible donor then gives a kidney to another patient (unknown to him or her) who has been identified as a match, essentially "paying it forward." 

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A specialized computer program matches donors and recipients across the country to allow the chain to maximize the program's efficiency. Potentially, a kidney transplant chain can go on forever. But a chain typically ends with a Chronic Kidney Disease patient who is extremely difficult and complicated to match.

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There are approximately "101,170 who await" Kidney Transplants in the United States, according to the National Kidney Foundation. Due to the fact that kidneys can remain outside the body for 24 to 48 hours between removal and transplant, these Donor Chains enable Kidney Donors to give kidneys to strangers of various races and ethnicities across the country: Instantly giving Chronic Kidney Disease patients a second chance at a more normal life without Dialysis.

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Loyola University Transplant Center (Loyola Medicine) suggested that, "Traditionally transplant recipients would have to wait an average of 5 years for a suitable Deceased Donor kidney in our region. Now with paired exchange and chain transplantation, our goal is to get every recipient with a healthy donor transplanted within 6 months, or sooner, depending on the difficulty of the match." 

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Chronic Kidney Disease patients are encouraged to discuss this promising chain procedure with their Kidney Transplant Teams. Moreover, for more about Kidney Donor Chains and eligibility to be a part of a chain then submit the below information.

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