With Kidney Transplant - Surprisingly, Even Success Brings Complications For CKD & Dialysis Patients

 Image courtesy of chicago sun-times

Image courtesy of chicago sun-times

Many Chronic Kidney Disease patients, especially those who conduct Dialysis wish and dream of the day they get a Kidney Transplant to lead a more "Normal Life." While a successful Kidney Transplant does rid Chronic Kidney Disease patients of dialysis - even with success comes its challenges according to a five (5) year Transplant Recipient, Myra de la Vega.

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Let's be clear, the Chicago Sun-Times clearly states that, "If not for the Kidney Transplant she got five years ago, Myra de la Vega knows she might not have lived to see her daughter graduate from college." However, Myra also noted that even with a Kidney Transplant life is hard, "Every day, to keep her body from rejecting the kidney, she takes 20 prescription medications," which "leave her tired all the time." 

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After receiving her Kidney Transplant five (5) years ago from a generous Living Kidney Donor, Dan Coyne, who heard of her story; Myra is in constant fear that her Kidney Transplant which is expected to last 10 years will fail relatively soon. “I am scared, too," she said. "Nothing is forever."

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Dan mentioned that after learning of Myra's need "It was an easy decision" to donate. Still, now five (5) years after Kidney Transplantation, “It’s kind of hard," said Myra. "People don’t see it because I am always cheerful. It doesn’t mean when I look good I feel good, too.” I am sure that this sounds familiar to many with Chronic Kidney Disease and patients who struggle with Dialysis who also have their good days and more difficult days, but often must maintain a lively demeanor.

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Myra also provide positive insights related to Kidney Transplantation. For instance, while she must maintain employment to afford her expenses including mandatory medication, she only works for six (6) or seven (7) hours a day to better cope with tiredness and fatigue. Chronic Kidney Disease patients may also ask their Transplant Team about, Belatacept which is an immunosuppressant medication found to offer Chronic Kidney Disease patients less health complications, pill burden and improved energy levels.  

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Yet, Ms. De la Vega also is very grateful for the Kidney Transplant because she has the time and enough strength to care for her elderly mother who recently suffered a stroke and continue to be there for her children. During her interview with the Chicago Sun-Times Myra seemed satisfied and no matter how long the Kidney Transplant would continue to work she stated, “I’ve raised two great kids, period. Nothing is going to take that away.”

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