Will You be Ready when Your Time Comes for a Kidney Transplant?

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KidneyBuzz.com encourages patients to stay as healthy as possible by managing stress, eating well, and staying active. It is important for patients to remain as well as possible during this time, so they are ready for kidney transplant surgery as soon as a donor organ becomes available. For patients who have a living organ donor, scheduling transplant surgery can take into account the health status of the recipient as well as other factors.

Manage your stress. Many patients constantly worry about their treatments, blood work results, future surgeries, etc. Education and support groups both online such as KidneyBuzz.com, and offline provide patients with tools and support to manage their stress and cope with the challenges associated with their condition.

Follow your diet guidelines: With the your busy daily schedule, the idea of following a specified diet regimen can seem like a headache. Your renal dietitian can provide you with manageable dietary recommendations to help you address issues of fatigue, nausea, food intolerance, fluid buildup, diarrhea, and edema that are associated with Chronic Kidney Disease.

Stay involved in healthy activities including exercise: Regular exercise at home is encouraged in order to preserve your endurance, strength, mobility, flexibility, and easier breathing.

Keep all appointments with your healthcare team: Stay in touch with your transplant team and let them know of any significant changes in your health. If you're waiting for a donated kidney, make sure the transplant team knows how to reach you at all times.

Have your packed hospital bag handy, and make arrangements for transportation to the transplant center in advance. You should note that in living donor transplants, both donor and recipient will undergo pre-surgical testing one week prior to surgery. Hence, whether you are waiting for a donated kidney or your transplant surgery is already scheduled, work to stay healthy. Being healthy can make it more likely you will be ready for the transplant surgery when the time comes. It may also help speed your recovery time from surgery.

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