Why Some Dialysis Patients Are Experiencing Sudden Surges Of Energy And Anemia Reduction



If you are a Chronic Kidney Disease patient conducting Dialysis, then you most likely suffer from Anemia (a lack of red blood cells) which may lead to fatigue, skin pallor (pale skin), shortness of breath, lightheadedness, dizziness, or a fast heartbeat and heart complications. While most Dialysis patients must continue to slog-through (work at or make progress through something at a sluggish, strenuous pace) their day-to-day lives with Anemia, there is a growing number of patients who are experiencing sudden surges of energy, Hemoglobin, and no longer have Anemia. Here is why:

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Some patients on Hemodialysis who initially have Anemia spontaneously recover normal Hemoglobin Levels and no longer need to receive Erythropoiesis-Stimulating (EPO) agents or Blood Transfusions. That recovery may be related to restoration of Iron Homeostasis (state of steady levels of Iron in the body) and normal Hepcidin Levels (regulator of Iron in the body), according to a study lead by Dr. Maxime Touzot.

During conditions in which the Hepcidin Level is abnormally high in Dialysis patients, it can lead to inflammation and a decrease of iron in the blood due to iron trapping within the liver and decreased iron absorption. What's more, Ferritin (a blood cell protein that contains iron) is often much higher in patients experiencing Anemia. Hence, patients experiencing high levels of Anemia may be receiving too much Iron causing it to be trapped in the liver and other areas of the body and levels to be unbalanced.

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Dr. Touzot suggested using a specific combination of clinical and biological parameters, including Ferritin Levels as a marker, could help some patients reduce their severe Anemia. “This may allow better delivery of iron to Erythroid Progenitors (helps to develop Red Blood Cells), thus resulting in adequate [natural] Erythropoiesis (EPO).”

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Consider drawing this complication and potential solution to the attention of your Healthcare Team who may not be aware of the new research. Print this article and share! Also, let your Healthcare Team know about Triferic (click here) which is a new specialized therapy to help Hemodialysis patients specifically reduce Anemia and improve their quality of lives.

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