Why should People with End Stage Renal Disease Wait So Long for a Kidney Transplant?

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There are some Kidney Transplantation Centers in the United States that have much shorter wait times and better outcomes than the national average. For example, the University of Kansas Hospital has a higher than average survival rate, and their organ waiting list time is "significantly" shorter. This transplant center would consider listing individuals with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) from any part of the country.

You should not sacrifice a high standard of care for the sake of expediency because both are important for your health and ultimate survival. Take time to fully investigate the reputation and expertise of the Transplant Center you are considering. Pay close attention to accounts about how comprehensive and compassionate the Center's transplant team is in providing care.

Current policy allows for kidney patients to be listed at more than one Transplant Center, and in one or more organ procurement organizations. In fact, data suggests that it is very beneficial for an individual with ESRD to be on multiple waiting lists.

KidneyBuzz.com suggests that you discuss with your Nephrologist the advantages (receiving a transplant sooner), as well as disadvantages (additional cost) of choosing to be listed in a region with shorter wait times.  If this option seems appealing, the next step is for you and your healthcare team to request a kidney transplant evaluation at the Transplant Center where you are interested in listing.  

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