Why Otherwise Willing Non-Donors Do Not Donate Their Kidneys To Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

According to trusted sources a staggering 4,500 "good candidates" die every year waiting for a Kidney Transplant. To make this a bit more direct, approximately 12 people die every day waiting for a Kidney Transplant that never comes. Given this severe shortage, why don’t more people donate their Kidneys (as well as other Organs)? Chronic Kidney Disease patients who need a Kidney Transplant may greatly improve their results by understanding subtle deterrents common among potential Kidney Donors which they would not otherwise share, in order to address and overcome Donors' "secret" concerns.

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United Kingdom Researchers highlight the surprising fact that while, "more than 90% of people say they support organ donation in opinion polls, but less than one-third are registered donors." Similar statistics apply in the United States, including the fact that many refuse to be a Kidney Donor during their lives, or even elect to donate the Kidneys of their loved ones. The following are lesser known to recipients, but are common reasons that cause well-intentioned people to ultimately decide against donation:
MISTRUST IN MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS: Studies reveal that the less people trust medical professionals, due to their personal experience or that of loved ones, they are much less likely to donate their Kidneys. According to Brian Quick (Professor University of Illinois), “There are a lot of people who subscribe to the belief that if a doctor knows you are a registered donor, they won’t do everything they can to save your life.” Since most people get their information about Kidney Donation from Television Dramas, Chronic Kidney Disease patients who acknowledge and correct misconceptions when talking to a potential donor may be more successful in convincing them to donate.

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RELIGION: While many of the major Religions in the United States consider Kidney Donation to be a good "act of love," there is some confusion. Catholics, for instance, are less likely to donate Kidneys and other Organs (despite the Vatican’s official position in favor of it) possibly because of the Religion's stance on the afterlife and the concern for maintaining "body integrity." By addressing this concern and sharing the fact that most Religions agree with Kidney Donation, including Catholicism, potential donors may be more willing.

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TABOO: Studies suggest that there is a general "Ick Factor" associated in planning one's death and many people believe that making afterlife plans may cause their death prematurely. All the better for Chronic Kidney Disease patients to remind otherwise viable Kidney Donors that they do not have to wait for death to donate a kidney because they can be Living Kidney Donors! Also, reassure your family and friends that signing up to be a Deceased Donor (donor after death) is very quick and unintimidating. 

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Armed with the preemptive rebuttals to these concerns which are undoubtedly swirling around in a Potential Kidney Donors mind, Chronic Kidney Disease patients will likely improve their success of persuading more Kidney Donor candidates. For more great daily information like this as well as the most up-to-date Breaking News which teaches Chronic Kidney Disease and Diabetics how to improve their lives, visit KidneyBuzz.com every day.

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