Why Is There A Growing Number Of Dialysis Patients Showing Desire To Stop Dialysis?



It is unquestionable that Dialysis for Chronic Kidney Disease patients is one of the modern marvels of science and technology to keep patients alive. However, it also serves as one of the most difficult Chronic Treatments. Patients must attend long treatment times, side effects from treatment, body deterioration, and even at times Dialysis Center Politics. No one can fault a Dialysis patient for considering stopping treatment. Yet, for those that are having a more difficult time and contemplating stopping, you should read this article first.

  1. It is painful to stop dialysis - Kevin asked, "I am thinking of quitting my treatment. I am unmarried, have no family support and treatment is painful. What are your thoughts?" While Dialysis is extremely challenging and painful, the alternative is also equally as difficult. Death from kidney failure is usually very uncomfortable. While pain medicine may be prescribed for you, without your Dialysis Treatment, toxic wastes and fluid will build up in your body, making you feel more tired and it could be difficult to breathe, but your doctor can prescribe diuretics or a treatment called ultrafiltration to remove fluid and make breathing a bit easier for you. Death is almost certain for those who discontinue their Dialysis Treatment with very low Kidney Function. Typically, people who stop Dialysis may live anywhere from one week to several weeks, depending on the amount of Kidney Function they have left and their overall medical condition.

  2. You may be able to correct your issues at Dialysis - Susan L. mentioned, "I am not going to dialysis anymore because whenever the Techs pull the needles out of my arm, a bunch of blood comes spewing out as well." While Dialysis can be difficult at times it can also get better if patients look to address their specific challenges. This can be difficult due to 'Dialysis Center Politics' and fully understanding how to address common issues like fluid overload, cramping, pain with needles, alarms, recovery times, and more. To help visit KidneyBuzz platforms regularly (website, Facebook, Email List), send us messages with questions (click here), and order the Dialysis Patients' Rights Book (click here).

  3. Things are getting better - Jackson K. asked, "Is there any hope for the future. I cannot get a transplant..." Potential breakthroughs are occurring in the Chronic Kidney Disease Community all of the time and KidneyBuzz.com looks to draw patients attention to the progress of promising developments related to the Wearable Artificial Kidney and the Implantable Kidney as well as other advancements. This is especially promising for patients that are struggling on Dialysis and cannot get a traditional Kidney Transplant. There is hope!

  4. Kidney Transplant Waiting List Speed - Lawrence T. said "I have been on Dialysis for 11 years while awaiting a kidney. What is taking so long?" If you are active on the Kidney Transplant Waiting List, then you likely know that the average wait time can extend beyond 7 years. However, by taking a 'high risk' Kidney Transplant that is infected with Hepitius C may be a faster option. Hep. C has been found to be curable after transplant and last a good lifespan in patients who did not contract the disease. Due to the Hepitius C kidneys being labeled high risk, many immediately reject them - making them more accessible for patients willing to accept them and often cutting wait times. Also, be sure to join the KidneyBuzz Find A Kidney Donor Program to pursue selfless Living Kidney Donor interest on your or your loved one's behalf (click here to learn more).

While Dialysis patients can make the decision about stopping Dialysis treatments, they are encouraged to discuss their reasons for wanting to stop treatment with your doctor, other members of your health care team and loved ones before making a final decision. Although no one knows what you are dealing with until they have sat in the Dialysis Chair, the words of your Healthcare Team and loved ones may cause you to continue the fight for a bit longer - and who knows, maybe things will get better.

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