Why Has It Been A Record Setting Year For Kidney Transplants In CKD And Dialysis Patients?



What a year 2015 was for those in the Chronic Kidney Disease Community. 30,973 transplants of  kidneys (58%), livers (23%) and other organs took place which represented a nearly 5% jump over the previous year and came "after years of fairly slow, steady increases," said officials with the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network (OPTN)." What accounted for the whopping approximately 17,964 Kidney Transplants? Rising donations: "This landmark achievement is a testament to the generosity of the American public to help others through donation," said Betsy Walsh, President of the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network.

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While eighty-one percent (81%) of the total transplants were from deceased donors, a staggering nineteen percent (19%) came from kindhearted Altruistic Living Donors who just wanted to help another person in need. We should all encourage our loved ones to register and become deceased donors as well as talk to their families about their wishes. However, waiting on a list can be a slow and daunting process.  

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Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients should know that a growing number of people are considering and following through with Living Kidney Donation to help improve the lives of others. They are learning that the kidney donation process is safe and increased media coverage, as well as social media, is revealing the massive need for more Living Kidney Donors. With this knowledge, patients are continually leaning forward in their approaches of connecting with willing Altruistic Living Kidney Donors.

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A recent USA Today report highlighted, Joshua Surovey, who took to the streets with a sign detailing his blood type and his need for a Kidney Transplant in hopes of connecting with a generous Living Kidney Donor. Moreover, Mark Brunie's story gained mainstream media attention and was covered by Long Island News 12, after he worked with KidneyBuzz.com's Social Media Team to launch a campaign that successfully connected him with his life-saving Kidney Donor, Jimmy Maloy. "He came across my campaign, read my story and decided to donate. Thank you for everything you all have done," Mark told our team. 

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Jim Williams who also launched a Find A Kidney Donor Campaign with KidneyBuzz.com chose to share his need for a kidney on a billboard in his town. The idea is very similar to the, "Save our grandma," billboard featuring Virginia Millen whose family, "decided to go big - to bring attention to her desperate need of a kidney," according to ABC News. 

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Yet, the National Kidney Foundation suggested that thirteen (13) people still die each day while waiting for a life-saving kidney transplant. Therefore, these acts are not only helping to improve the chances of individuals connecting with their Altruistic Living Kidney Donors, but they are also raising awareness to the dire need for kidney donation across the country. 

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Hence, while recent donation figures offer great news and a lot of hope for the positive growth of Kidney Donation in the future, there is still a lot of work left to be done. Although, most Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients may not be able to stand outside and hold a sign like Joshua Surovey, at least, consider sharing your story on Social Media. If you need help in launching and managing an effective campaign, the KidneyBuzz.com Social Media Team would love to help. Click here if you are interested in more information. Ms. Walsh said, "These trends are encouraging, and they make a huge difference not only for transplant recipients but for many more people whose lives they touch." 

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