When Should Chronic Kidney Disease Patients Delay Recommended Surgical Procedures?


"My doctor is recommending surgery for my parathyroid, but I am scared and I do not know if I want to do it," one KidneyBuzz.com viewer writes. Fear and apprehension from Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) patients toward surgery is understandable as any surgery like a parathyroidectomy (removal of one or more of the parathyroid glands), carry inherent dangers which include the risk of death. However,  early diagnoses and proper treatment of major issues is critically important to maintain long-term health and a high quality of life. There is a growing body of research suggesting that patients with urgent surgical needs are waiting too long for surgery.  

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If your Nephrologists recommend a specific surgical procedure for you, KidneyBuzz.com recommends that you do not delay your surgery. Most patients have been there and allowed their fear to cause them not to act immediately to correct their issues. What most found is that delaying surgery for a necessary procedure offers little benefit and can further lower your quality of life.

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CKD patients must confront and manage their anxiety about surgery. An important step in doing so is to become as informed as possible about the surgical procedure, why it is being recommended, and how surgery is performed. For example, and understanding of the low risk of taking anesthesia may relieve concerns about the procedure.

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Be selective with your surgeon which means you may not choose to work with the first one that you meet. Ask your potential surgeon about his/her background including Board Certification. Ask where s/he conducted her/his Fellowship Training, and where s/he received his/her medical degree. In addition to the clinical credentials, a good surgeon will have good human relation skills. That means showing concern for your pain, taking time to hear your concerns, and answering your questions fully.  

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Also, be sure to talk to your surgeon about your fear of surgery. In some cases your anxiety comes from a lack of understanding of what the surgery actually entails and its likely outcome. 

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Everyone with CKD should explore alternatives to treatments before agreeing to surgery. By exploring all reasonable alternatives before surgery is considered, you will satisfy yourself that you are making the best decision to live longer and better. More obviously, in exploring alternatives you may find a treatment that was not originally presented to you, but you would like to consider trying before surgery. 

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You can also discuss the pending surgery with your peers who have had a similar procedure done previously. If fear of the surgery persists even after taking these steps, then seek counseling from a trained professional who your healthcare team can recommend. KidneyBuzz.com appreciates the surge of support from the Kidney Community. In our mission to keep you informed, we provide daily news that helps you live better while on dialysis and get a transplant sooner. Visit our new Shop section for must have products (more will soon be added), and feel free to tell a friend about KidneyBuzz.com! Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter.  

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