What Can Cravings of Sugar and Salt Tell About the CKD Personality

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At one time or another most Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) patients have sugar and salt cravings and generally there is no apparent cause for concern if you do not indulge the cravings. However, I never considered that our different eating habits could coincide with our different personalities. But according to Alan R. Hirsch, M.D., head of the Smell & Taste Research Center in Chicago, eating habits are related to character traits. The old saying is reinforced, "You are what you eat!" A study suggests that there are some consistent generalizations of what food choices and cravings say about our personality. Take the quiz below and find out whether you are sweet or salty and what that means for your treatment plan.

1.) What is a better dinner for you?
a. Barbecue Chicken
b. Steak

2.) What would you prefer to snack on at the movies?
a. Popcorn
b. Candy

3.) What would you prefer to have with a bagged lunch?
a. Potato Chips
b. A Cookie

4.) What would you prefer to have for breakfast?
a. Pancakes
b. Eggs and Bacon

5.) What side salad would you prefer?
a. Fruit Salad
b. Garden Salad

6.) What sandwich would you prefer for lunch?
a. Grilled Cheese
b. Peanut Butter and Jelly

7.) What would you rather put on your toast?
a. Butter
b. Jam

8.) Which piece of pie would you rather end the night with?
a. A Slice of Apple Pie
b. A Slice of Pizza Pie

9.) How do you take your coffee or tea?
a. Black
b. With Sugar/Cream

Salty: If you chose mostly A's then you enjoy salty foods. Besides salty snacks, it is also likely that you go for something with a bit of crunch, zest, or spice. Unlike those that like sweets, you "go with the flow," take things in stride, and likely believe that "what will be, will be" and thus your fate is out of your hands. You may tend to crave salt when times are stressful or tense. Consider a healthier fix to maintain your renal diet such as veggies with hummus. Also, experimenting with different herbs and spices can add savor to your food that is often missing when sodium is restricted. Be careful with cuisines that rely on soy sauce, miso and black bean paste to flavor foods because these are invariably high in sodium.

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Sweet: If you chose mostly B's then sweets are your preferred choice. When it comes to snack time you are much more likely to grab something sweet rather than salty. Your personality is generally agreeable and kind. You are actually sweet. Sweet foods are known to bring comfort so you may seek them out when you feel the need for a bit of pampering. When sugary treats are consumed often it encourages weight gain and can cause harmful health side-effects. For a healthier sugar fix, substitute candy and chocolate with fresh fruit. Fruit has natural sugars that will help satisfy a sweet craving while helping you maintain healthy eating habits.

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Choosing foods that are from the main food groups such as whole grains, low fat dairy vegetables, fruit, and protein will help you stay healthy and avoid consuming meals that contain excess sugar and salt.

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