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Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) patients can for the first time ever find Kidney Transplant Centers with the lowest average wait times that are the closest to where they live using a free user friendly website tool created by OrganJet. Individuals with CKD who are on a Kidney Transplant Waiting List in a high wait time area can significantly increase their access to organs by also listing in a well chosen Kidney Transplant Center that has a far lower wait time. Research has consistently shown that patients who are strategically Multiple Listed (listed at more than one Kidney Transplant Center) will greatly increase their chance of receiving a Kidney Transplant faster. This new web-based tool that is also available on several mobile devices brings that information and access to all CKD patients who want it on a simple user friendly website.

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Every year, over 5000 CKD patients die waiting on a Kidney Transplant List in some part of the United States while 500-2500 organs in other regions may go unused annually. Now CKD patients in high wait time areas can take advantage of this service-gap by easily finding Kidney Transplant Centers with 'low wait times' that also have sufficiently high volumes of donor kidneys and satisfactory outcomes. All centers listed as 'low wait' have average times lower than 26 months which is 40% or more below the average national Kidney Transplant Waiting List.

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By simply entering your zip code, the five closest kidney transplant locations with lowest median wait times will pop-up! Also listed will be five closest regular and children's transplant centers:

  • Yellow Pin - Location of Your Zip Code
  • Green Pin - Locations of the closest low wait time transplant centers
  • Blue Pin - Locations of the closest regular transplant centers
  • Orange Pin - Locations of the closest children's transplant centers

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"There is significant disparity in wait times across different geographic areas, ranging from over 5 years." said Sridhar Tayur, Founder and CEO of OrganJet. Although actual times for a CKD patient can be longer or shorter than the national average expected times, this is a huge step forward to increase Transplants and decrease the wasting of valuable kidneys. The CKD Community must take immediate action! More tools are continually available to you to get strategically Multiple Listed and substantially increase your chances at getting a kidney sooner. Find a Kidney Transplant Center near you with low wait times by completing the below information:   

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