Wearable Kidney For Dialysis Patients Being Taken To Next Stage To Be Made Commercially Available

A Wearable Artificial Kidney Device is currently undergoing animal trials. While it still must go through human testing, the project has reached a stage where "commercial partners are ready to take the technology to the next stage," according to Science Daily on April 14th 2014. 

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Are you getting excited, and would you wear this device? At this point, it is quite possible that you may have the option to try the new treatment within your life-time. It will work like a conventional dialysis machine, taking your blood and passing it through a number of filters to remove waste products. Here's the difference, the machine is miniature, it will run 24/7, and you will be able to monitor key data points via your smartphone! As if that is not exciting enough, the soon to be commercial device will send important data to your Nephrologists so they too can monitor your condition. 

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Not only will the "wearable kidney" reduce the chance of hospitalization, your constant Dialysis treatments will be much more effective than intermittent treatments, improve your health condition tremendously, and eliminate the "after dialysis sickness syndrome" entirely. "Most importantly," explains Ms Anastasia Garbi, former project leader, "the patient can now lead a more normal life, working and exercising without the regular long visits to the Hemodialysis centers."

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The technology which is expected to increase Dialysis patients' life expectancy by 16 to 20 years does not have a specific launch date. However the increasing demand, and commercial interest make this technology in particular promising for Chronic Kidney Disease patients to watch.

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