Wearable Artificial Kidney Update: CKD Human Trial Successful Outcomes & Additional Positions Open

Image Courtesy Jasmine T. Fairbanks via Facebook

Image Courtesy Jasmine T. Fairbanks via Facebook


"I just finished my Human Trial with the Wearable Artificial Kidney (WAK)! It was incredible," a Dialysis patient recently wrote. Hence, trials for the Artificial Wearable Kidney (also known as the Wearable Artificial Kidney) have begun and initial reports appear to be promising; including some patients who took part in the initial Human Trials reporting that their Blood Pressure "ran normal" when typically they had challenges with Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) or Hypotension (Low Blood Pressure). Moreover, patients reported no dizziness or cramping, good lab results, and feeling, "normal as ever, for being on Dialysis." 

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As you well know, Dialysis patients have little ability to move around during their treatment. Fast Tracked by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Wearable Artificial Kidney is intended to offer Chronic Kidney Disease patients who conduct Dialysis with  a more normal lifestyle and "freedom during their Dialysis Treatments." Like a conventional Dialysis machine, it filters the blood of Dialysis patients. Yet, unlike current portable or stationary Dialysis machines, the WAK can run continuously on batteries and is not plugged into an electrical outlet or attached to a water pipe. In fact, the Research Team, lead by Dr. Victor Gura have been able to reduce necessary water used for Dialysis from 40 gallons to only a Pint, according to Engineering Update (Ep. 77).

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The machine is connected with a Hemodialysis Catheter (double lumen tunneled catheter used for Hemodialysis). While the current model weighs about 10 pounds and Dialysis patients have expressed concern about the weight, future modifications could make it lighter and more streamlined. Also, those who have conducted the Human Trials have noted that during the trial they were able to eat and drink whatever they wanted including salt and had no fluid restrictions. 

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Clearly, significant progress has been made to make the Artificial Wearable Kidney accessible to all Dialysis patients. Dr. Gura noted that, "We have received numerous inquiries from patients, who want to volunteer for our ongoing first clinical trial with the WAK." He encouraged patients who were interested in participating in future Human Trails to ensure that they met the necessary Eligibility Criteria. Provide the below requested information to access the full detailed list of criteria and sign up to be a possible candidate for Human Trials. 

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We at KidneyBuzz.com greatly appreciate your interest in new technologies such as the Wearable Artificial Kidney which is set to modernize Dialysis as we know it today. For more Daily News and Information about how Chronic Kidney Disease, Dialysis and Diabetic patients can better manage and improve their lives, visit KidneyBuzz.com every day. 

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