Wearable Artificial Kidney 3.0 Upcoming Human Trials Most Promising For CKD/Dialysis Patients



News about the Wearable Artificial Kidney was recently released with stunning insights from the Lead Researcher. The most in-depth understanding of the Wearable Artificial Kidney, now in its 'Third Generation' (WAK 3.0), if successful - which seems promising at this time - it could be the most life-changing device for patients since the inception (creation) of Dialysis itself.

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"A third-generation artificial kidney has the potential to provide unprecedented wearability and convenience, enable freedom from phosphate binders and excessive dietary restrictions..." said Healio.com. This is great news for patients that often debate whether or not the Wearable Artificial Implantable Kidney is even worth the effort due to it being external rather than implantable into the body like the highly anticipated Artificial Implantable Kidney.

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While the two devices have the ability to free patients from traditional Dialysis Machines, they should not be seen the same since the Wearable Artificial Kidney has already conducted multiple rounds of Human Trials and the Implantable Artificial Kidney has yet to be given its first trial date. Hence, the wearable kidney is much closer to market release and will possibly get better clinical outcomes, liberalize diet (in studies patients were able to eat macaroni and cheese, pizza, and whatever they wanted), fluid intake, and improve patients' quality of life when compared to current options, according to the Research Team.

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“There is also the fact that the patients will no longer be tethered to a machine and to a chair,” Dr. Victor Gura (Lead Researcher) said. “They can go and work wherever they want. They can do whatever they want. They will be less fatigued if they can be completely rehabilitated, and that is a big deal.” The third-generation Wearable Artificial Kidney (WAK 3.0) is expected to undergo a new round of Human Trials in the near future, although enrollment has not yet begun.

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Strong preliminary data has already suggested that the Wearable Artificial Kidney is safe and effective. The upcoming Human Trials will extend connected time to the wearable kidney from 24hours (in previous studies) to a full week. Then the next and last preapproval trial would probably be for about 8 weeks of treatment. For those concerned about the size, the good doctor said, "The WAK 3.0 will be small enough to fit under a shirt, skirt, dress or pair of pants. They can basically go totally unnoticed when they walk around. It gives them back their quality of life.”

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Further, the Research Team has miniaturized the device to only 3-pounds and hopes that the Wearable Artificial Kidney will lead to less heart disease, strokes, and trips to the hospital. For those wondering about how the device is connected, it is still unclear. However, Dr. Gura did say, “Patients do not have to connect to the bloodstream with this device – the connection to the bloodstream never changes. The patients can go about their lives during the day, and then when they’re in bed, they connect the WAK to the night mode. We can even put the night mode in a pillow or a teddy bear.”

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