Warning Signs Of Leading Killer Which CKD/Dialysis Patients Overlook - Missing Chances For Survival



Did you know that Cardiovascular (relating to the heart and blood vessels) deaths account for about 40% of all deaths of patients with Chronic Kidney Disease particularly those on Dialysis, while Sudden Cardiac Death might be responsible for as many as 60% of those deaths in patients undergoing Dialysis? Well, that was the finding of a Bio-Medical Nephrology study. Until now, however, it was believed that there were no signs or symptoms of Sudden Cardiac Death (hence the term 'sudden'), but new research revealed that there may be signs which could prevent death, that patients currently ignore at their peril.

For patients with End-Stage Renal Disease, Sudden Cardiac Arrest is among the most feared complications of Dialysis. The heart suddenly and unexpectedly stops beating, blood stops flowing to the brain and other vital organs, and without treatment, a Dialysis patient could be dead within a matter of minutes. Yet Researchers at Los Angeles, Cedars-Sinai, have discovered that half of the sufferers experience warning signs hours, days, and even weeks before Cardiac Arrest hits, but they are often ignored; costing Chronic Kidney Disease patients a chance at saving their own lives.

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The signs were very simple: Chest pain, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, and fainting. Most patients chose to try to suffer through these symptoms while a small fraction of patients in the study decided to call 9-1-1 Emergency, "and those people were the most likely to survive," noted the Dailymail.com. 

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Dr. Clifton Callaway (Chair, American Heart Association’s Emergency Care Committee) said in the Dailymail.com article, "Chest pain, shortness of breath – those are things you should come in the middle of the night to the emergency department and get checked out. We strongly recommend you don’t try to ride it out at home." Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients are at a heavily increased risk of Heart Related complications such as Cardiac Arrest so you must be on alert.

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Killing nearly 350,000 people every year, Cardiac Arrest is often thought to be a Heart Attack, but it is in fact much worse. Study authors pointed out that one-fifth of the patients who called 9-1-1 had their Cardiac Arrest on the way to the hospital. Warning signs should not be taken lightly.

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