Walking is the Easiest Exercise to Incorporate into Your Daily Life

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Walking is the easiest exercise to prevent or control health problems such as, hypertension or kidney disease. Also, walking is a great way to just feel better.

Walking is another form of cardiovascular training that can be tolerated by renal disease patients. It is an everyday activity and can keep the patient more functional and self reliant. This exercise works every muscle in the body to some degree and the difficulty can easily be modified to suit individual needs. One may need to utilize a walker or the side rails on a treadmill to help stabilize the body if walking freely is challenging.

A walking regiment can easily be built into your daily schedule. A few activities that can increase your steps are as follow:

  • Take a walk while waiting.
  • Walk with friends or family and socialize while walking.
  • Sweep your floors, patio, and front walk consistently.
  • Park further away from the grocery store.

The beauty about walking is it can be broken into small fragments of time. You can do 15 minutes here, and 10 minutes there as long as you keep moving, you are benefiting your health.

Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/220716-chronic-renal-disease-exercises/

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