VIDEO: Singer Tina Turner Discuss Dialysis And Rocky-Road To Kidney Transplant



UPDATE: It was once written by Billboard Music that Tina Turner was a "rollicking rollercoaster ride." Well, her recent life struggles, detailed in the media have been just that. A rollercoaster filled with thrilling highs and sudden lows. News of Mrs. Turner's Kidney Transplant is beginning to be overshadowed by unexpected rejection.

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Fans were stunned when both BET and radio host DJ Glenn Cosby reported that Turner’s life-saving kidney transplant had appeared to experience rejection. Even more frightening is that it appears that the singer would not be willing to continue Dialysis if the failure of her Kidney Transplant is certain.

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Tina's life story and her recent Kidney Transplant announcement has inspired millions within the Chronic Kidney Disease Community and far beyond. We ask that you send the legend hit maker, Mrs. Tina Turner your good wishes and prayers.

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Original: It was not an easy road for the Famous Singer, Tina Turner, to get her Kidney Transplant. In a new interview with British Broadcasting Company (BBC) the hitmaker outlines a struggle that many Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients suffer with in silence.

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Share Tina's story far and wide so that others can understand what it is that many Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients face daily, except most never get a Kidney Transplant. We need more living and deceased donors! Like the article on the Facebook Page if you agree.

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