Video Conferencing Increases The Use Of Home Hemodialysis And Improves Treatments Of CKD Patients

Courtesy British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

Courtesy British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

Home Hemodialysis is conducted 6 times a week and is associated with better health outcomes when compared to individuals who Dialyze 3 times per week at Dialysis clinics. According to The National Kidney and Urologic Diseases Information Clearinghouse (NKUDIC), "dozens of small studies have found better results in patients who do daily or nightly home HD." This includes better blood pressure control with fewer drugs, improved control of phosphorus levels, a less limited diet and fluid restriction, the reversal of some heart damage caused by high blood pressure, improved energy, and feeling less "washed-out" after treatments with average recovery time of 30  minutes. 

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While in general, Chronic Kidney Disease patients who conduct Home Hemodialysis say it improves their quality of life and new, smaller dialysis machines are making the treatment more practical, some patients may find that the nearest home Hemodialysis clinic is an hour or two away. Experts say that issues of cost to Dialysis Providers have prevented broader application, suggested Nephrology News. Specifically, a major barrier is Home Hemodialysis patient training. Individual Nursing Sessions are required for 3 to 8 weeks to train patients on how to use a Dialysis machine, compared to In-Center Patient Care Technicians (PCTs) who can supervise multiple patients at a time. 

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Now, Home Hemodialysis patients in the United Kingdom are using video conference calling to communicate with their nurses so they can be trained to "manage their own treatment," according to British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). This will allow one nurse at a Hospital or Dialysis Clinic to monitor multiple Chronic Kidney Disease patients at their homes via a camera. Clearly, this would assist in reducing Home Hemodialysis Training costs.  

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A very important aspect of Home Hemodialysis is that Chronic Kidney Disease patients can choose treatment times that fit into their schedule around other activities such as going to work or caring for their family. Introducing video conferencing would mean that any medical assistance is just a click away which would give patients the similar comfort of having In-Center professional Dialysis assistance while conducting Dialysis from the comfort of their homes. What do you think? Would video conferencing support make you more willing to conduct your Dialysis treatments at home?  

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