Vanderbilt University Develops Artificial Implantable Kidney Powered By The Heart


Surprise! Yet another organization has put its sights on helping to develop a ready-to-use Artificial Implantable Kidney. previously reported that the University of California San Francisco was not the only group developing an Artificial Implantable Kidney as the private company, Implantable Artificial Kidney Corporation, began launching its own research initiative. Now Vanderbilt University has announced that it is working with the University of California San Francisco and entered the mix to try and deliver the Holy Grail of discoveries for the Chronic Kidney Disease Community - an Artificial Kidney that is able to be implanted and function in place of a patient's failed kidneys. 

Science Daily reported, "Nephrologists are making major progress on a first-of-its-kind device to free kidney patients from Dialysis." Interesting differences with Vanderbilt Univeristy's device is that researchers are building the implantable artificial kidney with "microchip filters and living kidney cells that will be powered by a patient's own heart." 

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Lead Researcher, Dr. William H. Fissell IV (Nephrologist at Vanderbilt University Medical Center) said, "We are creating a bio-hybrid device that can mimic a kidney to remove enough waste products, salt, and water to keep a patient off Dialysis." This device is expected to be the size of a soda can which should easily fit into a patient's body.

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The key to this device is a microchip which will act as a scaffold in which living kidney cells will rest and mimic the natural actions of the kidney. This is great because the device will not be at risk of rejection due to a Chronic Kidney Disease patient's immune system attacking it. However, a major challenge which the team has openly acknowledged is blood flow.

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"Our challenge is to take blood in a blood vessel and push it through the device. We must transform that unsteady pulsating blood flow in the arteries and move it through an artificial device without clotting or damage," said Dr. Fissell. This is a challenge that researchers like biomedical engineer Amanda Buck are tackling. 

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Just like the University's philanthropic and business magnate Founder, Cornelius Vanderbilt, Dr. Fissell and his research team are both kind-hearted and ambitious. "My patients are absolutely my heroes," said the good doctor. "They come back again and again and they accept a crushing burden of illness because they want to live. And they're willing to put all of that at risk for the sake of another patient."

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Pilot studies could begin in patients by the end of 2017, Science Daily reported. Dr. Fissell said that he has a long list of Dialysis patients "eager to join a future human trial." If you would like more information to be considered for the Vanderbilt University human trials then complete the below form. 

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Moreover, the Chronic Kidney Disease Community needs positive and realistic news like this to give patients hope for the future. One regular viewer, Henderson George, left a comment on the Facebook Fan Page, "How do patients deal with the end of life treatment. ..when we have had enough Dialysis? Any feedback?" Share this promising and exciting news about the great momentum to end the need for Dialysis which our community is currently experiencing. It may cause a patient who is considering the idea of giving up and stopping Dialysis, to keep going.

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