Uptick In Chronic Kidney Disease & Dialysis Patient Kidney Function - No Longer Requiring Treatments

Surprising new details outline how an uptick of kidney function has allowed some Chronic Kidney Disease patients who started Dialysis to no longer require treatments. Renal And Urology News reported the bombshell findings which suggest that Kidney Function recovery may be on the rise. In fact, announced at the Annual Dialysis Conference in Long Beach, California - this type of recovery has moved from only 1% in 1980 to 2009 to a whopping 4.4% in the years between 2010 and 2016. The two questions on most Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients' minds are "What caused the uptick," and "Can I potentially regain my Kidney Function sufficient enough to no longer require Dialysis Treatments?

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One of the main reasons which researchers noted has helped patients regain Kidney Function is identifying excessive fluid depletion. lead researcher, Dr. Elizabeth Lindley said, "We think that being able to identify excessive fluid depletion has helped to maintain Kidney Function in patients starting Dialysis and to give patients whose kidneys that have the potential to recover a better chance of being able to stop Dialysis.”

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Ironically, researchers found that rather than probing for a Dialysis patient's dry weight (similar to what a person with normal Kidney Function would weigh) they used a simple Bioimpedance Spectroscopy (painless and relatively simple measurement method used to determine the amount of fluid in the body). This was an easier and more effective method to provide patients' kidneys enough fluid to rebound and regain function.

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The average time on Dialysis before Kidney Function recovery was 7 months. Although there have been cases of Chronic Kidney Disease patients regaining their Kidney Function after a longer time on Dialysis, it is a very rare occurrence.  However, Kidney Rejuvenation research which is being conducted at Harvard University and other major research institutions are showing a lot of great progress for Dialysis patients.

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