Update: Surprising Brand New Life Expectancy Rates For Chronic Kidney Disease Patients On Dialysis

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 A new study suggests that mortality rates among people with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) on dialysis have decreased over the last few years; citing possible reasons such as improvements in therapy and cardiovascular care. In the United States the Renal Data System reports a survival rate of approximately 8 years for dialysis patients aged 40 to 44, and approximately 4.5 years for those 60 to 64 years of age. These values in older patients are only slightly better than those in patients with lung cancer. Although the survival rate among dialysis patients is not as good as the general population on average, KidneyBuzz.com has continually underscored the fact that these numbers are skewed for many reasons including elevated age, severity of disease, comorbidities (coexisting medical conditions), and do not determine the individual's potential longevity.

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The University Hospital Limerick's international study evaluated changes in the patterns of coronary artery disease and associated mortality in over 800,000 dialysis patients in the United States. It found that survival rates of dialysis patients with coronary artery disease increased despite advancing age and other medical conditions that CKD patients on dialysis experience. 

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Deaths in the first year of dialysis treatment have remained stubbornly high at an annualized rate of about 30% even though the overall mortality has declined in dialysis patients for a decade. A national quality improvement initiative recently reported that it cut first year mortality among new dialysis patients by 13.6%. What was even more impressive was the 25% reduction in 90-day mortality. The improvement campaign, Performance Excellence and Accountability in Kidney Care (PEAK) focused on voluntary "best practices" aimed at reducing catheter use in favor of Arteriovenous Fistulas, improving cardiovascular outcomes, managing nutrition and inflammation, handling anemia, and optimizing dialysis, along with depression screening, patient education, and social support.

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Although the specific reasons cannot be pinpointed, it is clear that total life expectancy for individuals with CKD who are on dialysis has significantly improved during the past two decades. KidneyBuzz.com, notes that choosing the right type of dialysis treatment for you will have a great impact not only on health-related outcomes but also on your quality of life. Independent from personal characteristics and preference, the quality of general care will affect the outcomes of dialysis. Thus you should visit KidneyBuzz.com to self educate and empower yourself, as well as work with your healthcare team to thoroughly consider the best treatment option for you (even if that means switching preferred treatments), are your keys to leading an extended and improved life.

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