UPDATE: Insights To Artificial Implantable Kidney Human Trials Potential Criteria For Patients



Many Patients have asked, "What is the criteria for the Artificial Implantable Kidney Human Trials?" The official criteria have yet to be released, and individuals familiar with the situation have suggested that the criteria has not even been finalized. However, the Artificial Implantable Kidney Research Team did give insight to an important consideration for Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients interested in taking part in the upcoming Human Trials.

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According to information that has been provided to KidneyBuzz.com, the Artificial Implantable Kidney Team stated that, "Safety will be our main concern during the initial phase of clinical trials, so we do not intend to use vulnerable populations, such as children, until after we have positive and consistent data from clinical trials with adults." Hence, children will clearly not be considered for the initial Human Trials. Moreover, it may be gleaned (collected gradually and bit by bit) from the statement that other "vulnerable populations" of patients may not be considered in the early stages of the Artificial Implantable Kidney Human Trials as well, given the same safety concerns.

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Vulnerable patients are likely those who are having a very difficult time on Dialysis or deteriorating physically as they have to start treatments. It is important to note that this is not an officially released criteria, but may give patients and loved ones insights into the current logic process of potential patient selection to partake in early phases of the Artificial Implantable Kidney Human Trials. 

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Moreover, if the researchers exclude vulnerable patients initially, it does not mean that they will eliminated after positive and consistent data is established from Human Testing of the breakthrough device. In fact, they may perhaps be reconsidered for later testing. If you would like more information about criteria and insights regarding the Artificial Implantable Kidney as additional information is provided to KidneyBuzz.com then complete and submit the below form:

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