Update: Hemodialysis Versus Peritoneal Dialysis Survival Rates In Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

"In the first year, the cumulative risk of death is more than twice as high with Hemodialysis," as compared to the Peritoneal Dialysis treatment option, suggested a Kidney International study published in the American Society of Nephrology Kidney News Journal. More specifically, the researchers found a "significant survival advantage with Peritoneal Dialysis over the first 2 to 3 years" when compared to Hemodialysis survival.  

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More specifically, a study in the Clinical Nephrology concluded that Peritoneal Dialysis is a good method to help limit heart complications (leading cause of mortality in Dialysis patients) because among the high-risk Peritoneal Dialysis patients that took part in the 6.5 year-long study Researchers found that "it [Peritoneal Dialysis] increases the quality of life and life expectancy in patients with poor prognosis." Additional benefits of Peritoneal Dialysis include that it is among the easiest Dialysis Treatment options to travel with, and allows patients to have more control over their own treatments. Peritoneal Dialysis provides a more normal diet with fewer "ups and downs" between treatments, and is a needle free Dialysis option for Chronic Kidney Disease patients. However, the treatment has draw-backs and concerns as well.

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The traditional In-Center Hemodialysis is the primary treatment option for the vast majority of Chronic Kidney Disease patients on Dialysis. While it does not offer the same liberties as Peritoneal Dialysis, Hemodialysis patients are offered benefits such as their treatments performed in a Dialysis Center by trained professionals and only have to conduct Dialysis three or four days a week. What’s more, those that Dialyze in the over 6,100 free-standing Dialysis Clinics throughout the country are also able to spend their time on Dialysis sleeping, reading, writing, watching television, listening to music or doing other entertaining activities.

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Over the years there have been countless studies regarding survival in Hemodialysis versus Peritoneal Dialysis patients and they have provided conflicting results. These reports of Chronic Kidney Disease patients starting their Dialysis Treatments using Peritoneal Dialysis support the findings in other recent studies which appear to be consistent. Hence, improved survival in Chronic Kidney Disease patients beginning Peritoneal Dialysis may reflect the dangerous side effects of Central Venous (Chest) Catheters which are often required in Chronic Kidney Disease patients who begin Hemodialylsis.   

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Moreover, it is important for Chronic Kidney Disease patients to realize that over time, the risk of death with Peritoneal Dialysis equals or even becomes greater than In-Center Hemodialysis. Thus, Peritoneal Dialysis survival is best at the start of Dialysis, but Chronic Kidney Disease patients may consider transitioning to Hemodialysis for improved long-term health outcomes.

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Needless to say, to help ensure their personal best health while conducting Dialysis, Chronic Kidney Disease patients should remain on the alert for infections. Therefore, always wash your hands, remind all medical professionals that come into contact with your Dialysis Access to wash their hands, bring any redness or oozing to the attention of your Healthcare Team promptly, and of course maintain your scheduled appointments with your Nephrologists. 

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