Truth About Whole Grains And How They Can Influence Chronic Kidney Disease and Diabetic Health

Did you know that whole grains help control blood sugar, reduce the risk of Diabetes, improves heart health, clears fats that clog the blood stream, and makes you feel fuller after eating which assists in weight loss? If whole grains are so good for an individual's health, then why do most Chronic Kidney Disease  and Diabetic patients avoid this food? Let's dive in and try to answer this question. 

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White bread is typically recommended for Chronic Kidney Disease (late stage) patients on the Renal Diet because it is more refined and carries less minerals such as potassium and phosphorous. In fact, there are some cases where whole wheat bread (69 mg potassium, 57 mg phosphorus) may be an acceptable substitute for the generally recommended white bread (25 mg potassium, 25 mg phosphorus). Renal Diet Headquarters notes, "If you eat ½ of a sandwich (1 slice), you won’t get as much potassium and phosphorus as you would with 2 slices of bread. So you can eat a smaller portion of bread to allow yourself to eat whole wheat."

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On the other hand, many Diabetics or those at risk of Diabetes cut whole grain entirely because they are concerned about its carbohydrates (carbs). What is not obvious is that whole grain (bread, rice, pasta, etc.) has LESS carbs than its more processed grain alternatives. 

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Kara Bauer from Health Central said that, "Overall, consuming carbohydrates that have been processed/refined (stripped of all their vitamins, minerals, fibers and other nutrients) to make white varieties..., overwork the liver and pancreas, and rob the body of existing vitamins and minerals." What's more is that the American Diabetes Association (ADA) recommends that if "you are going to eat grains" that you choose whole grains.

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Let's be very clear. is not encouraging you to eat a bunch of carbs because they are "whole grain," if you have Diabetes. Nor are we suggesting that you eat a lot of whole grain foods even though you have late stage Kidney Disease. That would be irresponsible. However, there are harmful myths associated with the Renal and Diabetic diet which you should be aware of, such as Diabetics and Kidney patients cannot eat whole grain. While in fact, whole grains may improve your health in many ways. 

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Print out this article, and take these suggestions to your Dietitian. Discuss with him or her how you can safely incorporate whole grains into your diet to get the numerous health benefits of doing so. Don't miss the "Ahah" moment here, Friend! By taking this helpful information you learned here and working with your Healthcare Team to implement it into your diet, you may directly improve your health. The tools are now in YOUR hands! 

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