Stanford University Researcher Challenges Sale Of Kidneys To Reduce Wait Times For CKD & Dialysis Patients

In recent months, Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients have noticed a surge in offers for foreign or domestic kidney sales. Learn more.

New Details About The Artificial Implantable Kidney Surgery For Chronic Kidney Disease And Dialysis Patients

A Chronic Kidney Disease patient conducting Dialysis asked, "What is the surgical process like to insert the device? What are the risks and benefits?" Learn more.

Research Findings Highlight Shockingly Low Risk Of Needing A Kidney After Being A Living Kidney Donor

"I want to donate to a person whose story I saw online, but I am concerned about the risk since I am a healthy person. What are the odds of me needing a Kidney Transplant if I donated one of my kidneys?" Learn more.

Support Legislation That Helps Boost Living Kidney Donation And Limits Wait Time For CKD And Dialysis Patients

"What is going on with the Living Donor Protection Act? I think that could help me get many more people to consider donating to me so that I can get off of Dialysis. When is it expected to pass?" Learn more.

Sad News As Bill To Extend Anti-Rejection Drug Coverage For Kidney Transplant Recipients Fails To Pass

"What is going on the the the Comprehensive Immunosuppressive Drug Coverage for Kidney Transplant Patients Act (H.R. 6139) which would extend anti-rejection drug coverage by Medicare from 36-months to the lifetime of a Kidney Transplant? Has it passed the Congress?" Learn more.

What Chronic Kidney Disease And Dialysis Patients Should Look For After Their Kidney Transplant

"Your team helped me find a matching selfless donor this past December. Thank you so much! My life is so much better with a transplant. Still, can you give me some more information about how to best take care of my kidney after the transplant?" Learn more.

A New Resource To Help Increase Possible Living Kidney Donors

A viewer wrote, "I have received quite a few of my friend's questions regarding the Living Kidney Donor process for selfless donation (costs, travel, testing, etc.) and what they truly need to do to get tested to be a donor." Learn more.

U.S. Transplant Medication Policy Is Leading To Failed Kidney Transplants

Many Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients realize that Medicare covers the cost of Kidney Transplants, but unfortunately limits payments for Immunosuppressant (Anti- Rejection) Medication, which helps to prevent a patient's immune system from attacking the new kidney, to only thirty-six (36) months. Learn more.

Major Developed Country Passes Law To Have All Citizens Automatically Opt In To Be Kidney Donors

In France before 2017, kidneys were considered for donation only if a person made their preference for donation clear. Learn more.

Study Proving Older Kidney Donors Should Be Allowed To Donate To CKD

Many Chronic Kidney Disease patients are unable to accept a Kidney Transplant from their loved ones because the desired donor is considered to be too old. Learn more.

Five Most Active Kidney Transplant Waiting Lists For CKD And Dialysis Patients

The Kidney Transplant Waiting List has more than doubled since 2001, with over 100,000 patients currently awaiting a Kidney Transplant. Learn more.

Four (4) Major Concerns That Chronic Kidney Disease & Dialysis Patients Have About Kidney Transplants

What do actor George Lopez and NBA champion Alonzo Mourning have in common? Each of them has received a Kidney Transplant. Learn more.

Much Faster Kidney Transplant Option, But Is It Worth It For Chronic Kidney Disease & Dialysis Patients?

Many Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients have said, "I will do anything to get off of Dialysis." Learn more.

Five Reasons Why More Chronic Kidney Disease Patients Are Choosing A Kidney Transplant

The number of people who need a Kidney Transplant to avoid or get off of Dialysis is increasing, which in turn has caused the Kidney Transplant Waiting List to also rapidly grow in size. Learn more.

5 Famous People Who Served As Living Altruistic Kidney Donors For CKD Patients

Often times kind-hearted, generous people do not step forward and get tested to be a Kidney Donor for Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients because they think that Altruistic (Selfless) Living Kidney Donation is an intensive and scary proposition. Learn more.

Transplant Hospitals Throwing Out Kidneys & Denying Patients To Meet Federal Standards

At last count, there were 244 Kidney Transplant Centers in the United States, according to the Non-profit Organization, National Kidney Center. Learn more.

Harvard University Dedicates Program Specifically To Kidney Stem Cell Research

The university along with Dr. Joseph E. Murray has been credited with performing the first human Kidney Transplant - launching the era of organ transplantation in which Harvard trail blazed methods to prevent Transplantation Rejection. Learn more.

Sign Petition To Extend Anti-Rejection Drug Coverage For Kidney Transplant Recipients

Immediate action is necessary from Chronic Kidney Disease Patients as well as their loved ones in order to continue to support extending the Medicare coverage of Immunosuppressant medication with the passage of the Comprehensive Immunosuppressive Drug Coverage for Kidney Transplant Patients Act. Learn more.

Living Versus Deceased Kidney Donation By The Numbers: Tips To Improve Success

Most Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients who desire a Kidney Transplant are on the Kidney Transplant Waiting List. Learn more.

Promising Update On Kidney Rejuvenation Offers CKD And Dialysis Patients Hope

"What is the progress of the Kidney Rejuvenation research? You all said that you were going to provide regular updates and I have not seen any." Learn more. 

Giving Back: Kidney Transplant Recipient Offers Success Tips He Used To Connect With Living Donor

The average wait time for a Chronic Kidney Disease patient on the Kidney Transplant List is shockingly 1,825 days (43,800 hours) to 2,555 days (61,320 hours). Learn more.

Support Action To Stop Wasting Kidneys That Can Be Used For Transplants.

With over 600,000 people currently conducting the Kidney Transplant Waiting List rapidly shooting past an excess of 100,000 patients, it was shocking for many patients to learn that approximately 17% of the removed kidneys available each year are rejected and not even offered to CKD patients, according to  Dr. Mike Nicholson. Learn more.

More Kidney Transplants Needed: Startling Findings When Comparing Dialysis Versus Transplant.

A viewer wrote, "I am considering getting a Kidney Transplant, but I hear that it is such a hassle. Learn more.

Mold Infection Kills Five Transplant Patients. Kidney Transplant & Dialysis Patients At Risk.

A successful Kidney Transplant recipient, Dan Krieg (56-years-old) sadly died at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center after suddenly contracting a fungal infection while at the University's Hospital. Learn more.

How To Answer The Most Important Question That Potential Living Kidney Donors Ask

There are over 600,000 patients on Dialysis according to the Cleveland Clinic and over 100,000 patients are awaiting a kidney transplant. Learn more.

50 Best Kidney Transplant Centers In The United States For CKD And Dialysis Patients

As all Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients know, a decision to receive a Kidney Transplant begins with finding the right Kidney Transplant Center that fits their needs (i.e. eligibility, distance, culture, comfortability, etc.). Learn more.

Transplant Centers Dropping Eligible CKD Patients From List To Maintain High Performance Rating

"I am in tears. I just got booted from the kidney transplant list. They said I am too sick to be listed. I do not know why because my numbers hardly changed. Now, I am assuming that I will be on Dialysis for the rest of my life. Just wanted to know if you had any info that might help me." Learn more.

Delaying A Kidney Transplant May Result In Not Being Able To Get One At All

For some Chronic Kidney Disease patients including those on Dialysis a Kidney Transplant is a must-have. Learn more.

Kidney Transplant List Misconceptions Causing Frustration & Hopelessness In CKD

A regular visitor to the Facebook Fan Page (nearly 39,000 likes) commented, "I have been waiting on the Kidney Transplant List for many years. I thought that I was very close to the top of the list and was expecting to be called any day now. Learn more.

7 Very Sobering Stats About Kidney Donation That All CKD/Dialysis Patients Should Know And Share

For Chronic Kidney Disease and especially Dialysis patients, discussing the idea of Kidney Donation is quite hard because it causes them to share intimate details about their personal health and reveal a vulnerability that no one wants to explain. Learn more.

Former Dialysis Patient Reaches 38-Years With Kidney Transplant. What's Her Secret?

Valerie Coombes is now 80-years-old, and when she suffered Kidney Failure and had to conduct Dialysis she did not think that she would make it to see her 40th birthday. Learn more.

Not Even The President Of The United States Can Jump The Line For A Kidney Or Other Organ Transplant

In the United States, citizens offer their Commander In Chief various liberties. We pull over as his motorcade fills the streets, we agree to be patted down or searched before the President enters a room, and we fund a lifetime pension for his service. Learn more.

Reducing Immunosuppressant Dosage May, In Fact, Improve Kidney Transplant Outcomes

The benefits of Immunosuppressant (Antirejection) Drugs are clear - the medications reduce the strength of the body's immune system which lowers a Chronic Kidney Disease patient's ability to fight against and reject a transplanted kidney. Learn more. Third Year Anniversary And Archie Graham 1956-2016

April 1st, 2016, will mark 3 years since was officially launched; and this last year has again proven to be record breaking with over 1.2 million individuals visiting the site. Learn more.

Long Kidney Transplant Waiting List May End For CKD And Dialysis Patients With Mismatching Procedure

For the over 100,000 people awaiting a Kidney Transplant in the United States and many more globally, the fact that only fifteen percent (15%) to sixteen percent (16%) of them will receive a Kidney Transplant. Learn more.

Five Arrested After Robbing DaVita Dialysis Center: Patients Grow Concerned About Safety.

It is unfortunate that Dialysis Clinics are seen as targets for nefarious (wicked or criminal) activities. Learn more.

Kidney Transplant Doctors Cleared After Botched Transplant Led To CKD Patient's Death

A Massachusetts jury cleared several Kidney Transplant Doctors of all charges after they transplanted a diseased kidney from a deceased homeless man into a Chronic Kidney Disease patient, Pierre Dimanche. Learn more.

Inflammation Which Is Common In CKD & Dialysis Patients, Key Driver Of Heart Disease & Even Death

Harvard Medical School said, "inflammation [is] a key driver of heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic conditions." Learn more.

Best Option For Chronic Kidney Disease & Dialysis Patients Is Still Living Kidney Donation & Here's Why

There is very little debate when discussing the benefits of Kidney Transplantation compared to Dialysis. According to some general resources, a Kidney Transplant could double life expectancy compared to staying on Dialysis. Learn more.

Patient Crashes SUV Into Dialysis Center Before Receiving Treatment

It was reported by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that a Dialysis patient crashed an SUV into the Emory Dialysis Center in Atlanta Georgia. Learn more.

Why Has It Been A Record Setting Year For Kidney Transplants In CKD And Dialysis Patients?

What a year 2015 was for those in the Chronic Kidney Disease Community. 30,973 transplants of  kidneys (58%), livers (23%) and other organs took place which represented a nearly 5% jump over the previous year and came "after years of fairly slow, steady increases," Learn more.

Deadly Fall Killed Gary Coleman And Other CKD And Dialysis Patients May Be At Risk

Many people know Gary Coleman as the light-hearted television character, Arnold, which he played in the TV Series, Different Strokes. Learn more.

CONFIRMED: Wealthy CKD Patients DO Get Kidneys Faster And Therefore Less Likely To Die. How And Why?

"Despite appearing less sick, they [wealthy patients] were more likely to receive a transplant and were less likely to die while waiting," said Dr. Raymond Givens (Columbia University Medical Center) to an Associated Press reporter. Learn more.

Artificial Wearable Kidney Results Offer Great News: Functions Like Normal Kidneys, No Restrictions

News released by large media outlets such as Cable News Network (CNN) and Medscape suggested great progress is being made with the development of the Artificial Wearable Kidney. Learn more.

Artificial Implantable Kidney Team Makes Major Announcement: CKD Community Efforts Begin To Pay Off

Most Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients are anxiously awaiting the Artificial Implantable Kidney to become available. When asked for patients to stand in solidarity and notify congress that the Artificial Implantable Kidney needed additional funding, we received thousands of signatures. Learn more.

Lamar Odom To Undergo Kidney Transplant? Do The Rich & Famous Get A Kidney Transplant Sooner?

 News has rapidly circulated that the former National Basketball Association (NBA) star player, Lamar Odom, has reportedly suffered Kidney Failure, begun Dialysis and may need to undergo Kidney Transplant surgery. Lamar's need for a...Learn more.

Woman Tells Story Of Kidney Donation To Complete Stranger: Hear How & Why She Did It.

Do you know the name, Margery Lipenski? Well, all of the over 120,000 Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients on the Kidney Transplant Waiting List should become aware of her story because it is a symbol of hope as well as a shifting mindset for...Learn more.

Update: New 3D Printer Technology Able To Create CKD & Dialysis Patient Living Kidney Structures

The Chronic Kidney Disease Community is hit again with welcomed news of the progress of Three-Dimensional (3D) Printed Organs such as Kidneys which with newly discovered technology can be used to construct viable Transplantable  Kidneys and cut the Kidney Transplant Waiting List times. Learn more.

Kidney Transplant Waiting List Committee Wants To Know If The Changes Help CKD & Dialysis Patients

It was in 2014 when the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network/United Network for Organ Sharing Kidney Transplantation Committee made the largest changes to the Kidney Transplant Waiting List in more than 25 years.Learn more.

Lab-Grown Kidneys Proven To Work: Now Moving To Being Viable Option For CKD & Dialysis Patients

A viewer called and said, "I like what I hear about the Artificial Wearable Kidney and the Artificial Implantable Kidney, but I am very interested in Lab Grown Kidneys as well." He asked, "Is that option as promising? Has there been any progress?" Learn more.

New List Of Top Transplant Centers Offering The Most Kidney Transplants To CKD & Dialysis Patients regularly offers up to date rankings of the most active Kidney Transplant Centers because it gives patients critical insights to which Kidney Transplant Centers are offering the most Kidney Transplants. Top active Kidney Transplant Centers are institutions who have offered the most kidneys to the most number of patients. If you saw the last....Learn more. 

Facebook Is Continually Connecting CKD & Dialysis Patients With Kidney Donors: Can It Work For You?

When it comes to the Kidney Transplant Waiting List, the figures are staggering: Over 100,000 people awaiting a Kidney Transplant which takes approximately five (5) to seven (7) years and nearly 5,000 patients die every year while on the list. Learn more.

How Can Chronic Kidney Disease And Dialysis Patients Thank Their Living Kidney Donors For Donating?

According to the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, "While the incidence of treated End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) has almost doubled over the last decade, the number of potential donor kidneys has not shown a substantial growth.Learn more.

Want To Support Program To Accelerate Development Of Artificial Kidney For CKD & Dialysis Patients?

The Artificial Implantable Kidney is expected to greatly improve and save the lives of millions of Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients around the world. While Human Trials are expected to begin at the end of 2017, there is an urgency to begin Human Trials sooner...Learn more.

Answers To Common Questions Asked About Artificial Implantable Kidney For CKD And Dialysis Patients

Over 4,300 Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients have directly corresponded with for more information on the Artificial Implantable Kidney and how they may take part in Human Trials (if you are interested in human trials click here). Learn more.

How Old Is Too Old For CKD And Dialysis Patients To Receive Or Offer A Lifesaving Kidney Transplant?

"I hate Dialysis," a viewer wrote. "Am I too old to get a Kidney Transplant? Is there an age limit? If so, how old is too old to get a Kidney Transplant?" Learn more.

Study Finds Too Few Chronic Kidney Disease & Dialysis Patients Being Referred For Kidney Transplant

Most Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients know that a successful Kidney Transplant may improve their quality of life and reduce their risk of dying. Learn more.

Evidence Shows: Social Media Assists CKD/Dialysis Patients In Successfully Obtaining Kidneys

“I’ve been doing this for 15 years and it still blows me away,” said Dr. Liise Kayler (Chief of Kidney and Pancreas Transplants at Erie County Medical Center) about Living Kidney Donors who donate to strangers they meet on Social Media. She continued...Learn more.

Who Is Getting A Kidney Transplant While Many Other CKD And Dialysis Patients Must Continue To Wait?

"I am so tired," a Dialysis patient wrote, "I have been trying everything I can think of to connect with a Living Kidney Donor and nothing has happened.I am still on the list. Who is most likely to get a Kidney Transplant... " Learn more.

Brother's Kidney Donation Allows CKD Recipient To Lead Fulfilling Life - Gaining National Attention

Featured On Entertainment and Sports Programming Network's (ESPN's) Flagship Program - Sports Center - Chevi Peters found true strength as a 2015 Special Olympics World Games Gold Medal Winner. Yet, it is the strength of his brother, Jarrett Peters...Learn more.

Transplantation Of Hepatitis C Infected Kidneys In Uninfected CKD & Dialysis Patients Intentionally

Most Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients know that High-Risk Kidneys are those which are considered to be High-Risk for transmitting viral and other infections. Learn more.

Newly Busted BMI Myth Offers Previously Ineligible CKD & Dialysis Patients A Second Chance At Life

Any Chronic Kidney Disease and/or Dialysis patient who has considered the Kidney Transplantation process is confronted with the issue of weight. Learn more.

Surgeons Cancel Kidney Transplant Days Before Surgery & Deny CKD Patient Life Saving Donated Kidney

JoAnn Schettig is an Instructional Assistant at a North Carolina Elementary School and knows all too well that there are approximately 123,193 people awaiting a lifesaving Organ Transplant in the United States since her uncle received a transplant from a donor over a decade ago. Learn more.

Concrete Findings For CKD Patients About Living Kidney Donors' Kidney Function After Transplant

Most of the over 101,000 Chronic Kidney Disease patients who are currently on the Kidney Transplant Waiting List desire a Living Kidney Donor to limit devastatingly long wait times which are currently 5 to 7 years on average and increasing. Learn more.

Newer Procedure Allows Kidney Transplant To Be Donated To Second CKD Recipient After First Dies

Modern medicine has allowed for many great breakthroughs to occur within the Chronic Kidney Disease Community. The continuation of such progress is critical since well over 400,000 Dialysis patients are actively conducting treatments and more than 100,000 Chronic Kidney Disease patients are awaiting a Kidney Transplant for more than 5 to 7 years on average. 

With Kidney Transplant - Surprisingly, Even Success Brings Complications For CKD & Dialysis Patients

Many Chronic Kidney Disease patients, especially those who conduct Dialysis wish and dream of the day they get a Kidney Transplant to lead a more "Normal Life." While a successful Kidney Transplant does rid Chronic Kidney Disease patients of dialysis - even with success omes its challenges according to a five (5) year Transplant Recipient, Myra de la Vega.

Implantable Artificial Kidney Corporation Offers Progress Update For Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

For the first time in 2015, the Implantable Artificial Kidney Corporation provided those with Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients an update on the progress of their device, The Implantable Artificial Kidney - 1. Learn more.

Man Explained Why He Chose To Donate His Kidney To A Complete Stranger With Chronic Kidney Disease

"Some of my friends have told me that although they support me, I’d better not give anything else away," said Joe Slater as he discussed what drove him to donate a kidney anonymously and altruistically (out of the kindness of his heart). Learn more.

Technological Breakthrough May Be Precursor To Transplantable Bioengineered Kidneys Ending Dialysis

It was not long ago when reported the development of a, "New Bioengineered Kidney Derived from One's Cells." At the time, Researchers said that they had bioengineered a kidney and transplanted it into rats which marked a very large step forward in a quest to help Chronic Kidney Disease patients suffering from Kidney Failure and those on Dialysis. Learn more.

New Discoveries Leap Forward The Progress Of Building Replacement Kidneys Ready For Transplant

Many Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients may be surprised to learn that approximately 2,600 kidneys that are donated yearly, "must be discarded due to abnormalities and other factors," reported Science Daily. Learn more.