Three Easy Tips For Chronic Kidney Disease Patients Can Get Warm At Dialysis



Most Non-Dialysis patients do not realize that year-round it is extremely cold at Dialysis. While this can be attributed to a number of issues, the fact is that patients must contend with cold and uncomfortable treatments that last for hours. Some patients dread going into their Dialysis Center for treatment because of the excessively chilly conditions. Even if you bring blankets, your Dialysis arm cannot be covered so typically the blanket will fall to a patient's lap and keep the lower half of the body warm while their arms and neck are left shivering and exposed. Here is how you can correct the problem and finally be warm and more comfortable during Dialysis:

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1.) Dialysis Zipper Access Sweatshirt: is the first company to create an affordable Dialysis Zipper Access Sweatshirt that is available in colors Black OR White (click here). The heavy sweatshirt is tailored in America and quality checked so it will last patients a long time while offering a full-length zipper on their dialysis arm to take treatment and cover the rest of their upper body so that they are warm during their treatments. Click here to get yours today. Can you imagine being comfortable while on the machine? Patients love the sweatshirts:

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2.) Ask For The Central Air To Be Lowered: The fact is that the Dialysis Center keeps the temperature at low degrees to help minimize the risk of infection and bacteria. As a result, it can feel excessively cold for patients who are already having blood drained out of their bodies - often causing even lower body temperatures. You can ask the Head Nurse to increase the temperature. In some cases, they will oblige. Unfortunately, it can still be very cold even if the temperatures are increased a few degrees.

3.) Request For Your Blood Temperature To Be Adjusted: As all Chronic Kidney Disease patients conducting Dialysis know, the Dialysis process sends your blood through the Dialysis machine in order to filter out waste and toxins and then sends the clean blood back into your body. However, when the blood is outside of the patient’s body, it becomes cool, but when it flows through the dialyzer alongside the dialysate solution, it warms up again. Hence, the temperature of the Dialysate (Dialysis Solution), as well as your body temperature, is taken into consideration during the treatment. Slight differences in temperature may occur during treatment depending on your temperature and dialysate temperature. Some patients feel colder because of this difference. If you are cold during Dialysis it may be a result of colder blood temperature and a simple adjustment of one degree or less upward may make a helpful difference. This cannot be done by simply asking your nurse to adjust your Dialysis Machine temperature upward slightly since he/she likely will not. Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients typically must ask their Nephrologists specifically to place a note in their file about the desired blood temperature that works for them.

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