There are Some Easy Choices that can Lead to a Healthier Life


Healthy living requires healthy choices such as moving your body, how to think good thoughts and what to eat and drink to be healthy. But, the pressure is on to eat this not that, drink this not that, do this not that, think this not that, and say this not that.

Having a health issue is not a failure of healthy living. It is part of being human in relationship to all life. Healthy living also involves respect for the land upon which you live, appreciating beauty, giving and receiving love, risking being wrong, and laughing at yourself when you do something funny.

Some of us will die "prematurely." Some of us will die from disease. Some of us will die in our sleep from old age. All of us can choose to be the healthiest we can be when that time comes.

Here are a few simple life strategies to help maintain your focus and strength to partake in healthy living.

-- Forgive yourself first. (Have no regrets).

-- Don't plant your garden before the last full moon in May. (Be patient).

-- Find a way to ground yourself in the goodness of life. (Appreciate the good things you have, do not yearn for things your do not).

-- Your blessings will never be denied. ("Have faith as big as a mustard seed").

-- Good things are coming. Believe it! (Always remain positive, even when times are not).

-- You can always come home to the farm. (Don't stray from the person you are in the face of challenges).

-- When all else fails, there is always the garden. Learn how to grow flowers and food. Keep your fingernails short and don't be afraid to get your hands dirty. (Participate in the mystery of life full on).

-- Wash your hands before every meal. (To get all that good dirt off).

-- Rest when you are tired. Eat only when you are hungry. Drink only water when you are thirsty. (Lead a life of moderation and balance).

-- Somehow make every place you go better than when you found it. (Be grateful for the beauty around you. Inspire others to do the same).

-- Please and thank you really are magic words. (Say your prayers. Enough said).

-- Smile at fear. But don't put you head in the mouth of a mountain lion. (Have courage, but do not seek trouble).

-- You are never too old to learn something new. (Keep an open mind and beware of false limits).

-- Laughter is the best medicine. (Lighten up, and enjoy life).

Healthy living does not mean you will never confront health issues or concerns. It is more about living in harmony with life as your soul's journey with joy, courage and a great sense of humor.

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