The Year In Review & How Will Further Assist CKD & Dialysis Patients In 2017



Happy New Year greetings!  The end of 2016 is almost here, and The Team wishes to thank you for helping us make 2016 its most successful year yet in reaching and serving you.  Here are some specific successes, improvements, and upgrades we have made in 2016 and will continue to make in 2017 in order to better serve the Chronic Kidney Disease/Dialysis Community.

YEAR 2016:

(1) The 3-pack Fistula Protector Wristband (FPW) was rolled out in response to viewers' comments which essentially stated that because they wear the FPWs 24/7 that the white writing was wearing off in about 4 months.  The solution was to offer the 3-pack which allowed them to save on shipping and handling, and Voila! The problem was solved.  Now more than 70% of the FPWs purchased are 3-packs, and we have not received a single negative comment regarding this issue since the 3-pack was introduced. 

(2) The Find A Kidney Donor Program has been improved to expand this Social Media Campaign to include your Webpages on the website so that they can take advantage of its 1,500,000 viewers per year.  This will also allow the campaigns to start up sooner.

(3) The Connect Membership was also rolled out in 2016.  The purpose of this program is to bring the members of the CKD/Dialysis Community together in a way that has not happened previously, to fight for their survival as other communities such as Cancer, HIV-AIDS, Diabetes, etc.  Join Connect to make the CKD/Dialysis Community's  collective voice count as others have done so effectively over the years.

(4) Worked with American Kidney Fund (AKF) to petition CMS to allow AKF to continue to help CKD/Dialysis Patients with various healthcare costs.  Also partnered with other NonProfits such as the American Association of Kidney Patients and National Kidney Foundation to effect positive and lasting change for this community.

(5) Increased awareness of new Dialysis products which can save and improve lives such as Triferic that is intended to replace IV Iron, increases energy while avoiding damage to the liver.  We also worked with other For Profit companies to bring to the attention of Dialysis Patients products that will reduce maturity time of the Fistula, an instrument that can monitor blood leaks from the Fistula during Dialysis treatments, and the UCSF's Artificial Implantable Kidney which could revolutionize how those suffering from End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) look at both Dialysis and Transplantation.

(6) Educated the general public about the safety and simplicity of Kidney Transplant as well as the enormous need which resulted in a significant increase in Kidney Transplants for those associated with the Find A Kidney Donor Program.

(7) made tremendous gains in our outreach to you, the viewer, this year by producing more new articles than ever before.  For example, we reached 1,500,000 individual viewers and about 7,000,000 page views.  We grew our Facebook to over 53,000 page likes and our True Fans Email List to over 20,000.

(8) CMS requested, through a contractor our assistance, in surveying our viewers about their new Dialysis Facility Compare Program which allows  Dialysis Patients to choose among Medicare funded Dialysis Facilities based on treatment findings; and you responded overwhelmingly.

YEAR 2017:

(1) The Team will be revamping the shop to focus on a wide array of CKD/Dialysis tailored products which our viewers have been requesting.  We are confident that this will provide more products that you can purchase and use.

(2) A mobile App will be rolled out will be rolled out in the first half of next year.  It will make it easier for viewers to connect with Kidney anywhere at anytime.

(3) The website Unique Viewership is expected to increase to over 2,000,000 next year; thereby being able to serve even more members of the CKD/Dialysis Community.

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Once again we are extremely grateful to you, the Viewers, for fully embracing and trusting to make a positive difference in your lives and making us your Number One Resource in 2016.  We encourage you to enjoy the remainder of the Holiday Season and return in 2017 to join in the fight against Chronic Kidney Disease like your very survival depended upon it.

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What was the most exciting thing that happened for you in 2016, and what are you looking forward to in 2017? Your insights matter to us at Hence, leave a comment on the Facebook Fan Page and connect with the over 53,000 Friends who have liked us (click here). Also, consider following the nearly 125,000 monthly visitors on for your Number One (1) source of Daily News, Information, Impact Meals, Inspirational Quotes, and tailored Products and Services which teach Chronic Kidney Disease, Dialysis, Kidney Transplant, Diabetes and High Blood Pressure patients how to better manage and improve their lives.

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