The New Chronic Kidney Disease Patient Specific Drink That May Take The Community By Storm

Rebecca Gomez emailed and commented, "I'm not complaining, but my Nephrologist is always telling me not to drink soda. recommends against certain juices. I enjoy flavorful drinks and do not want to drink only water." She concluded, "Do you all have any suggestions on what I can drink as a safe alternative?"

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I think that we all can agree that Rebecca is not alone, right? It's tough for those with Chronic Kidney Disease, specifically those on Dialysis, to identify tasty drinks which they can enjoy, but that are also good for them. Many Brand Name beverages taste great but are excessively high in phosphorus, sodium, potassium, sugar, as well as calories. Already, many Chronic Kidney Disease patients must restrict their fluid intake so sometimes they may want to enjoy a flavorful drink and not just water which is of course understandable. 

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One of the first of its kind, LyteAide, boasts that it is a Kidney Friendly beverage and an "excellent source of hydration."  Developed by a group of Physicians, including a board certified Nephrologist, this specialized drink does not contain potassium, phosphorus, artificial sweeteners (sweetened naturally with Stevia and Sugar), corn syrup, artificial flavors, and is low in sodium and calories. 

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LyteAide comes in a box of 15 packets (the equivalent of 8 quarts) and is simple to make. Just "empty each packet into a tall glass of water or a standard 16.9 ounce bottle of water, [and] stir well until completely dissolved." The LyteAide site suggests that  a Chronic Kidney Disease patient can get a sweeter, stronger taste by reducing your glass of water to only 12 ounces instead of the standard 16.9. On the other hand, use 20 ounces of water (as long as it meets your fluid restriction) for a less sweet and flavorful drink.

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Beyond LyteAide, consider adding fruits and vegetables to your water for 100% all natural enhancers. This includes cucumber, lime, lemon, water melon, various berries, ginger, grapes, and mint. The possibilities are endless, but remember to monitor your fluid intake if your Nephrologist has recommended a specific fluid consumption level. 

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