The Flu Can Be Life-Threatening For CKD & Dialysis Patients: 5 Tips To Avoid Being Infected




The Flu Season is upon us. Are you ready? For Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients, catching the Influenza Virus (also known as the Flu) can lead to hospitalizations as well as serious and possibly deadly illnesses, according to the National Kidney Foundation. For instance, did you know that Viral Pneumonia is a complication of the viruses that lead to Common Colds and the Flu? Well, these viruses can invade the lungs and cause them to swell and block the flow of oxygen. Pneumonia can cause dizziness,fainting, fever, lightheadedness, dehydration, and when severe - death in Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients. The following are tips that you can use to protect yourself - so you’re ready to battle the Flu, avoid serious complications and lead a higher quality of life!
1. Get your Flu Shot. Studies have noted that the number one reason why Dialysis patients do not get their Flu Shots is due to lack of understanding. Many patients believe that the Flu Shot is dangerous while others think that the Flu Shot is just for kids. However the facts are clear, a Flu Shot is the most powerful protection against the Flu. It’s safe and effective, and this year’s shot targets this year’s viruses. If you’re a Dialysis patient, then you can get your no-cost shot at your Dialysis Facility.
2. Avoid touching your face. It’s true: Your eyes, nose, and mouth are the easiest ways for the Flu to enter your body. So if you don’t touch your face, you make it more difficult for the Flu bug to infect you.
3. Make sure that your Patient Care Technicians wash their hands and wear gloves. Washing hands and wearing gloves is a good idea year round. However, patients should try to ensure that their Dialysis Patient Care Technicians wash their hands and put on gloves before interacting with their Dialysis arm and machine.  This can help prevent patients from picking up nasty Flu germs. If the time is taken to reach for soap and water, it can save individuals from getting sick.
5. Stay home if you’re sick. Family and friends may be calling, but if you’re sick, the best thing you can do is stay home in bed and recuperate. The last thing that patients want is to be outside feeling terrible or even worse - faint or need emergency care.

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Print this article and post it on the bulletin board at your Dialysis Center so that your fellow patients may have prompt access to this life-enhancing information. They will be thankful to you.

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