Thanks To Your Support The U.S. House Passes CKD Bill That Helps Alleviate Financial Burdens Of Dialysis Patients!




Your voices have been heard! Thanks to your continued support and petitioning, the United States  House of Representatives has passed the ESRD Choice Act (H.R. 5659). Introduced by Representatives Jason Smith (R-Mo.), John Lewis (D-Ga.), Gus Bilirakis (R-Fla.), Kurt Schrader (D-Ore.), and Tom Marino (R-Pa.), this bill would: (1) Allow Dialysis patients to pay little or no co-payments or deductibles, (2) Cover the cost of additional benefits to Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients including transportation and dental, and (3) Cap out-of-pocket expenses to reduce a patient's financial stress (click here to learn more). This is great news and would help patients lead higher quality lives and improve eligibility for a Kidney Transplant. Although we are closer than ever before, we still need your support to get this Legislation enacted.  

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Now, that the House of Representatives has agreed to pass the ESRD Choice Act (H.R. 5659), the bill moves to the Senate. As most patients know, a bill must pass in both the House and Senate before it is sent to the President for a signature - at which time it is said to be, "Enrolled" (the final copy of a bill which has passed both Houses of Congress in identical form). 

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Hence, the Chronic Kidney Disease Community in general, and viewers specifically, must offer a full-throated endorsement for the ESRD Choice Act (H.R. 5659) and push for it to pass in the United States Senate. Do you want to see H.R. 5659 enacted into law? If so, take just a few seconds out of your day to sign and share the below petition. Moreover, if you are a loved one of a Chronic Kidney Disease patient or just a person who cares to show support, you too can sign the below petition: 

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Do you want your Senator to support the ESRD Choice Act (H.R. 5659)?

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