"Tailored" Tips To Remove Blood Stains From Clothes For Chronic Kidney Disease Patients On Dialysis

"Okay, my fistula is now working and being used! I am happy, but I've had some complications with it and each time there was lots of blood all over my clothing," a viewer wrote to KidneyBuzz.com. "Those bloodstains won't come out at all!  I don't want to ruin any more good clothing, what can I do?" This viewer is not alone. Due to bleeding out after Dialysis or complications during their Dialysis treatments, blood stains are a fairly common occurrence for Chronic Kidney Disease patients who conduct Dialysis. 

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What's more, as many Dialysis patients have found, blood is one of the most difficult substances to remove once it has stained a fabric or surface. Hence, for Dialysis patients it is best to avoid getting blood on their clothing or other valuable items all together. Often this is easier said than actually accomplished as is the nature of Dialysis there will most likely be blood spills. Still, to limit accidents be sure to: (1) Sit an extra few moments after treatment to ensure your Dialysis Access has been properly bandaged and stopped bleeding, and (2) request that your trained Dialysis Patient Care Technician holds your site to stop it from bleeding rather than doing it yourself. 

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If-and-when blood stains do occur it is always best to work as quickly as possible to remove the stains promptly before they set-in because after 24 hours they are nearly impossible to wash out. While this is not always possible due to the distance from their home or how a Chronic Kidney Disease patient may be feeling after their Dialysis Treatment, the sooner they are able to remove the stain, the better. The following are tailored tips for Chronic Kidney Disease patients who conduct Dialysis: 

1. White Vinegar - Pour full-strength white vinegar on the spot. Let it soak for 5-10 minutes, then blot well with a cloth or towel. Repeat if necessary, then wash immediately.  

2. Bleach - Consider carrying all white blankets and pillows and wearing white clothes so that you can bleach them if there are blood stains.

3. Ammonia - Rub out perspiration, blood, and urine stains on clothing by dabbing the area with a half-strength solution of ammonia and water before putting it in your wash machine.

4. Hydrogen Peroxide Solution - To clean fresh bloodstains apply 3% Hydrogen Peroxide solution and wait 15 to 30 minutes before using a cool sponge to clean the blood spot.  

5. Cold Water - This is the easiest way to get rid of fresh blood, and it works well if you can catch it right away. Don't use hot water because it could cause the blood to set into the fabric.

6. Saliva - This strategy works well for delicate fabrics because saliva can be an effective way to remove blood stains since enzymes in saliva that help digest food also break down the proteins in blood, and it's those proteins that make blood so difficult to clean. Chronic Kidney Disease patients should note that this method is best used on small stains. Simply gather some spit in your mouth, place it on the blood stained area, rub the stain out, and soak the fabric in cold water. 

7. Commercial Enzyme Remover - For a set-in stain, us a commercial enzyme remover such as, Biz Stain Fighter. 

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Also, consider wearing clothes and carrying items to Dialysis which you do not terribly mind if they get dirty. What do you do to remove or avoid blood stains? Click here to join in the discussion with over 13,800 Friends at the KidneyBuzz.com Facebook Fan Page. Moreover, visit KidneyBuzz.com every day for the most Breaking News and Information about how Chronic Kidney Disease and Diabetic patients can better manage their lives. 

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